Ricky Ponting’s batting tips

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Mumbai Indians are currently benefiting from Ricky Ponting’s expertise and Surrey will be getting a few top tips shortly when he arrives to play for them.

Don’t believe us? Ask Dinesh Karthik:

“Some of the things that he says in team meetings and some of the points he brings to the fore is really hair-raising.”

Is they? What kinds of things is he saying to raise your hair?

“The other day I had a doubt and I walked up to him. All he said was that if you see the ball and think you can hit it, you hit it. That, I thought was a very positive input and the one I really liked.”

From this article, which was brought to our attention by Cric-O-Fan.


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  1. What if you see the ball but you don’t think you can hit it? What then? Leave it? What if the run rate is rising? What if it’s the last ball and you need six to win?

    1. We thought that. What if the ball’s probably going on to hit the stumps but you don’t think you can hit it?

      There’s a lack of clarity about this advice. It raises more questions than it answers.

    2. What if you don’t see the ball but think you can hit it? Or, what if you think you can see the ball, but in fact what you’ve seen is a large bee? Do you still try to hit it, and if so, which one?

    3. I’m sorry, but I find this really upsetting.

      I read the main feature and feel immediately that I have received wise words from the guru Ponting. I adjust my world view accordingly.

      Then you lot come along and confuse the living heck out of my tiny brain, so now I don’t know what to think. Or what to hit.

      Why couldn’t you all have just left well alone?

    4. Bert I think you’ve nailed the problem with Ricky’s batting over the last few years. It’s clear that what he thinks he can hit isn’t actually the ball.

  2. on a different note entirely. checking the ecb app and the Middlesex score Warwickshire have Jamie Troughton. he used yo be Jim Troughton didn’t he? surely you go James Jamie Jim.

  3. Soviet Onion – he is Jim. And he wouldn’t by in the side if he wasn’t captain, IMHO.

  4. “People don’t know about many things happen at the back-end but there’s a lot that happens behind closed doors.”

  5. What kind of a batsman is D.Karthik if he does not know whether to see the ball or when to hit the ball?

    More importantly, what would be R.Ponting’s tips to bowlers? Or to wicketkeepers?

    I gaze into the crystal ball and see a bright future for R.Ponting as cricket coach. Or, is the brightness I am seeing a reflection of the overhead bulb?

    (Proteas: here is your replacement of G. Kirsten. You are welcome.)

    1. Dinesh Karthik is the kind of batsman who had a doubt, Cric-O-Fan. He told us that specifically.

      I has existential doubts once. Then I thought about Ricky Ponting and those doubts went away.

  6. Dinesh Karthik appeals for a grounded catch. Looks like Ponting might really might have taught him a trick or two.

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