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We’re not entirely sure what a sports lounge is – it sounds oxymoronic – but Zaheer Khan’s opened one. It’s called Toss Sports Lounge.

It’s not really selling itself is it?

The other day, Zaheer was asking people to come up with a tagline for his new venture.

We’re going with:

“Toss Sports Lounge – but come anyway.”

What’s your suggestion?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Do the capital letters mean it’s an acronym?

    If so, maybe we could all use our time coming up with things it could stand for.

    I vote for Tatty Old Sex Shop.

  2. Zaheer’s Sport Lounge, you come with expectation but you leave with relief.

  3. Stood up by your date? No problem! Head down to TOSS Sports Lounge – it’s the perfect place for you to come alone.

  4. From the Times of India:

    On the occasion [of the opening], Zaheer said, “Toss is a sports lounge. In sports, everything starts with a toss.”

    Yep, that’s certainly been my experience.

  5. “My team has put together – Write a tagline contest”

    What a job. “Erm, we cant really be arsed to do it. I know, lets get other people to do it for us, and dress it up as some sort of interactive contest!”

    I should do that at work, create a “put together your own spreadsheet detailing sales trends over the past 18 months compared with similar industry competitors contest”

    1. We asked you guys to make the jokes regarding TOSS Sports Lounge, so we can’t really criticise this approach.

    2. Steve, is that really your job? It sounds awful. Thanks, you have made me feel better about mine.

    3. If I said I am a bit of a data/Excel nerd and dont actually mind it, would you hold it against me?

      If so, then I hate my job with the power of a thousand suns.

  6. Oh, and “Come to Toss with your friends”.

    Yes, I realise how banal that is.

    1. That’s getting there though – better than mine at least. There is a killer tagline out there somewhere that we are dancing around, something like Peter Kaye’s “Chorley FM – Coming in your ears” line. We’re close, but not quite there yet.

    2. Remember when Flintoff wore a Chorley FM t-shirt for the Sports Personality of the Year presentation?

    3. Come early for half-price TOSS discounts

      Allow our friendly staff to give you a TOSS welcome

      She shows it in her clothes; in her hair; in her drink. She’s a TOSS girl

  7. Tired and stiff after a long day? Need to get the load off? Then get a grip of yourself and come over. Our staff, The Tossers, are always ready to offer a hand. Shandy half price for regular customers.

    LATEST NEWS – New late bar opening soon at your favourite cricket ground: Wankhede – TOSS By Night

    TOSS Lounge – where people come again and again.

  8. “For just £9.99 a month, you can sign up to our exclusive membership package and call yourself a genuine TOSSER.”

    “Check out our merchandise section – featuring oversized pencils and t-shirts bearing the slogan ‘I am a TOSSER'”

  9. So what would it be called if a few of the regulars were invited to stay for a couple after closing?

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