20 20 cricket tickets

England typically play just a handful of Twenty20 (T20) internationals each summer. As such, tickets tend to sell out quickly. If you can’t get hold of any from the ground in question, you will almost certainly be able to buy tickets from Viagogo.

Domestic T20 tickets are also available on that site.

20 20 cricket

20 over cricket has been played at club level for as long as anyone can remember, but 20 20 cricket as we know it really came into existence in 2003 when the England and Wales Cricket Board branded it and marketed it as Twenty20.

The first season of 20 20 in county cricket wasn’t taken especially seriously by the players, but upon seeing the ticket sales, the 20 20 tournament took on increased importance. These days it is arguably the most significant format for players, fans and administrators.

Other countries quickly took note and Australia launched their own 20 20 competition in 2005. However, by far the most significant development was the Indian Premier League (IPL) which was made in response to the unofficial Indian Cricket League (ICL). The IPL sees players being paid huge sums of money and tickets selling out for most matches.

The first 20 20 international was played between Australia and New Zealand in 2005. Since then, there have been two 20 20 World Cups, with the most recent taking place in England.


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