A cricket bat in the back of a van

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Edwardian writes:

Here’s a conspicuous cricket bat in the back of a van.

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  1. Is this photo deliberately designed to befuddle re: scale?

    Is that an imaginary bat (inside my head) and hence smaller as it’s faaar away? Or is that a massive can of WD40?

    1. If that’s a full-sized bat then (a) it’s a lorry not a van, (b) that chainsaw needs reporting to the police, or possibly the UN.

      1. That made me laugh. The chainsaw is a beast. When and if you can get it started it roars away like a motorbike.

  2. My mad Great Uncle that lived with my Nan had one of those bats. When I was about 7, he’d set up the stumps in his garden when he thought nobody was about then bowl an amazing array of leggies, googlies and top spinners at me with no pads or gloves, let alone helmet.

    The game ended one of two ways – my Mum shouting at him because his googly had ragged back and bashed my shins, or (far less regularly) when his coaching to get me to dance down the wicket had succeeded and I’d dumped an enormous 22m six into my Nans plants and both my Mum and Nan would shout at both of us.

    1. What a wonderful match report from Steve to accompany the differently wonderful cricket bat photo.

      The match report really deserved its own article…

      …’tis an embarrassment of riches in one day on this very web site.

  3. My dad had an old Stuart Surridge bat. Long-handle too. Never dared use it in case it snapped in half.

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