A post about Flintoff and socks because frankly we can’t be arsed

Maybe it’s all the seasonal ales that we knocked back over the weekend, but we’ve lost a bit of enthusiasm this week. Christmas beers are always about three times as strong as normal beer – presumably because you need to be completely leathered to endure the festive period.

So, because we can’t be arsed and because most of you hate everything we write anyway, here’s a picture of Freddie in some socks instead.

I don't think King Cricket can be arsed at the moment

Some celebrities have designed some socks and they’re being sold with the proceeds going to various charities. Not sure how these things work, but we might be obliged to say they’re being sold by MandMDirect.

We’ve never heard of them before, but the name MandMDirect needs some bloody spaces in it. We don’t care if it’s a web address as well, when did it become okay to do away with spaces? It’s not okay. Ask Pen Island or Experts Exchange if you don’t believe us.

On that subject, therapistfinder.com seems like a genuine website.

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17 Appeals

  1. Socks.

    That’s Christmas sorted.

  2. It’s not only Flintoff who does socks. So does my mum. Here is a completely gratuitous plug.


    And, despite the plug, i am a little embarrassed by it.

    Christmas is her busy period.

  3. You really can’t be arsed if you’ve had to resort to URL double entendre gags.

    I’ve got some pictures of some interesting batteries meant for another site. Shall I send them to you instead?

  4. King Cricket

    December 8, 2009 at 11:48 am

    Ed, no, but if you can find a cricket helmet with a face, we’ll have that.

  5. Who’d have thought – Flintoff looks quite good in green!

    I hate green!

  6. It’s great the way they can photoshop away a belly and wino eyebags these days…

    Sorry, Flintoff’s been annoying me since that Beckhamalike Jesus thing. It’s good to celelbrate, it’s just plain big headed to stand there and expect to be adored, even if you are. I’d have expected Haydos to do something like that, except he’d probably worry about blasphemy. Actually, he probably will burn in hell anyway. Blessed are the meek and all that stuff.

    Do you think drug addicts thank the Lord when they get ripped off or get hep-C? Funny how the Lord seems to love a winner, despite what he apparently said.

  7. King Cricket

    December 8, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Yeah, we weren’t a fan of those celebrations either.

    Next comment’s number 10,000 on the .co.uk site, by the way. (There were a load on the old blogspot blog, but let’s forget about those for the minute.)

  8. What did I win?

  9. King Cricket

    December 8, 2009 at 11:42 pm

    Sorry, 10,000 appeared on another post in the meantime.

    Same prize though…

  10. I enjoy a good celebrity endorsed pair of socks.

    For example, I am currently wearing a pair of Willie Thorne socks

  11. King Cricket

    December 9, 2009 at 10:21 am

    Willie Thorne socks or Willie Thorne’s socks?

    Celebrity endorsed or celebrity owned?

  12. They are endorsed by him. I have not been stalking Willie Thorne and stealing his socks from the washing line.

    They said something on the packaging along the lines of “Whether at work or at play, sock comfort is important to me”

  13. King Cricket

    December 9, 2009 at 4:36 pm

    That is a BRILLIANT quote.

    From now on, if anyone mentions Willie Thorne we’re going to say: “Say what you like about Willie Thorne, but whether at work or at play, sock comfort is important to him.”

    He might crop up. One friend does like snooker for some reason.

  14. Are there any cricketers who look like sock comfort would be important to them?

    I reckon Samit Patel – and it’s not because he’s a bigger lad – it’s the look on his face.

  15. What is it with socks recently?

    first Warnie, now Flintoff.
    At least Freddie isn’t doing jocks as well.

  16. I bet that Ian Bell puts a high premium on sock comfort. He just looks like that sort of man.

  17. I always refer to them as M and M Direct, although the name can be a little bit cumbersome. Perhaps they should consider a re-branding exercise to come up with something a little bit more memorable and catchy?

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