A sign that says ‘moron centre’

Tom says:

“This is a picture of me pointing at a sign saying ‘moron centre’ whilst wearing the one-day shirt. Rather apt I think.”


This is just the kind of razor-sharp, incisive reportage we expect from our readers. It’s the first in a series of posts here at King Cricket that we’re calling ‘Pictures Of People In England Shirts Pointing At Signs That Say Moron Centre’.

We’re not anticipating it being a lengthy series.

We asked Tom if that expression had a name. Tom said: “It’s just a moronic expression.”

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3 Appeals

  1. Clearly they are morons, everyone knows the correct spelling is centre…

  2. on second glance, I’ve seen that you have already addressed that KC,

    one day I will win and laugh in your face.

  3. that better be your real name Brian…

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