Rob Key making the diving stop of his life

Vin sent us this. It is too exquisite for words.

Look at his face!

Officially we should admonish Vin for the use of the pie, because Rob doesn’t like fat jokes. Unofficially, we think that if someone’s going to take the time to do a Rob Key picture of this standard, they can do whatever they bloody well want.

Sorry it’s not Isa Guha and her cat pointing at a sign that says ‘moron centre’, but we think you’ll agree, this is still pretty damn good.

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22 Appeals

  1. That is v v v v lovely – and it looks like a slice of HEALTHY pie too

  2. Brilliance.

  3. Sheer unadulterated genius.

    Although I reckon oh pink one is a scotch egg fan myself.

    Hurrah to Vin.

  4. Wondrous – especially the way Rob has developed a prehensile index figure for capturing pie.

  5. Top effort – both the art work on in’s part and the catching on Rob’s.

    Utilising my extensive knowledge of Lord’s and camera angles, I can conclude with confidence that Rob is fielding at Cow Corner to a right-hander with the bowling having been done from the Pavilion End.

    On that basis, the delivery must have been a pie. No surprise there. But Rob is catching a mere slice of pie. Where have the other slices of pie gone? Who ate all the pie? I think we need answers to these questions before we can move on.

  6. Of course I meant “Vin”, not “in”.

  7. Vin Diesel’s decision to forsake cinema for the world of Beautiful Pictures of Rob Key is an unqualified victory for both artforms.

  8. I’m sure this is a good picture, but i can’t see its beauty today.

  9. *impressed*

    That’s superb, Vin!

    Now do one for the delectable Laura Marsh, and I’ll be a very happy man.

  10. That’s clearly healthy pie. There’s fruit in it.

  11. It looks like brawn pie rather than one of Rob’s five a day.
    The picture,as all have said before, is a thing of brilliance. Does Vin do pictures of Stuart Broad with his golden locks flowing in the sun?

  12. Wow.

    Yes, a health giving pie even – Key is not as pink as he normally is, and especially after that dash to save that slice!

  13. Hahahahahaha!

    Just look at the glint in the Pink ones eyes!

  14. Thank you King Cricket and thank you all for those nice and positive comments :P.

  15. And I am not Vin Diesel or Vin unleaded petrol. I maybe going bald like him and sound a bit like him sometimes; otherwise, nope, I am not him. In fact, I look far better than him.

  16. SarahCanterbury

    October 2, 2008 at 9:39 am

    I think a picture of you is required then, Vin. If you look better than Rob we need to see this…

  17. I said I look better than Vin Diesel, who happens to look like a shaved walrus crossed with an emu. 😛 I just look like a middle eastern walrus.

    Anyways. How about a King Cricket Web comic? You know, like “The adventures of Rob key in the land of Morons”?

  18. That would be GREAT, Vin.

    Actually, it’d be better than great. It’d be AWESOMETASTICO.

    In the kingdom of the pie, the pie-eyed man is king?

  19. It’s rubbish

  20. Brilliant. Quite brilliant.

    It would have been awesome if it had been a pork pie but either way, I’m now hungry and want some cake.

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