Azhar Ali has a long way to go and a long time to get there

If Azhar Ali knows that speed equals distance over time, it doesn’t unduly concern him. This is a batsman who will not be rushed.

With a train to catch in ten minutes’ time and the station five minutes from his house, Azhar’s sitting in his dressing gown with a cup of tea and he’s considering taking a shower.

This was only his second hundred, but he twice got into the nineties before his first one. That said, if Azhar’s in the nineties, he’s still bloody miles away from a hundred.

He reminds us of James’s sister. Several childhood cricket games were marred by her obduracy. Again and again we would explain to her that it was in her interest to hit the ball. She maintained that unless the ball was going to hit the stumps, she didn’t have to.

James’s sister was wise beyond her years.

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  1. Interesting use of the “s’s” style to denote possessive of a name ending in the letter s.

    Very interesting.

  2. My sister used to kick the ball away when it was on the stumps, successfully arguing that as there are no LBW’s in garden cricket she was entitled to do so. That and the fact she was never allowed to be out first ball meant that her innings were long and frustrating.

  3. Forgive me wondering off topic, but I found this on Wikipedia. It has nothing to do with me this time.

    • I know, I know. Wandering not wondering.

    • Nonsense, smudge. You can always wonder off topic. As a young student, I used to wonder off topic in my history class quite frequently, resulting in my exams’s/exams’ results taking a beating.

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