Freaky Friday for England and Pakistan

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Stuart Broad fails to bowl Pakistan out for 1

England and Pakistan seem to have swapped identities at some point in the recent past. Pakistan are all obdurate and professional, while England try to make up for their catastrophic batting with ever more spectacular bowling efforts.

There’s a limit to what the poor bowlers will be able to achieve though. Bowling Pakistan out for 99 in Dubai today, after losing the toss, might prove to be that limit. Yet the batsmen have still struggled to secure a first innings lead.

When faultless bowling isn’t good enough, you can be fairly certain that the team’s sailing on poo-infested waters with no means of propulsion.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Isn’t it about time we had a bowler as captain seeing as the prole batsmen canot be trusted anymore. I nominate Bresnan. He never loses either – witness how he cunningly got himself out of this debacle of a series with some kind of “injury”. The man is a genius.

  2. The DRS was the star today. When it was introduced some cricket purists felt that all this accuracy and logic would affect cricket’s somewhat eccentric image. They needn’t have worried.

    Twice in Pakistan’s innings the ball was said to be “just clipping” the top of leg stump. In both cases, had the batsman got out of the way the leg stump would have been sent cartwheeling to the boundary, and the sonic shock would have caused the middle stump to disintigrate. But at least the system worked as ordinary logic would dictate – one of these identical reviews was given out, and the other not. Beautiful.

    Perhaps we could get one of the Klitschko brothers to punch the ICC chief in the head with a fraction less than half his glove, just to give him a clearer understanding of the concepts of “hitting” and “missing”.

  3. The concepts of “hitting” and “missing” are (relatively) straightforward to understand. What bugs me is why the ball has to “pitch in line”. As long as you are convinced that the ball would’ve hit the stump, and the batsman blocked it with his legs, he should be given out.

    Maybe I just don’t understand the modern version of the LBW laws.

    Or maybe the modern LBW laws are crap.

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