Brad Hodge utterly miserable about earning an enormous sum of money in the IPL

Brad Hodge brightening up YOUR DAYChannel M is a local TV channel here in Manchester. Every week they broadcast The Lancashire Cricket Show, which is also available online.

In this week’s episode, Brad Hodge is interviewed about how he’s leaving for a few weeks in order to go and earn seven boatloads of cash in the IPL.

For some reason, he sounds utterly, utterly miserable about this. If you’re at work and can’t watch or you’re borderline suicidal and worried this might tip you over the edge, we’ll summarise for you:

[Low octave mumble, mumble, mumble, rising intonation… Low octave mumble, mumble, mumble, rising intonation… Low octave mumble, mumble, mumble, rising intonation…]

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9 Appeals

  1. He’s got a face that needs a good shoeing.

  2. Someone from my office was interviewed by Channel M this morning – something about Sven Goran Eriksson.

    As for Hodge, he’s obviously worried he’ll miss the Manchester summer (currently scheduled for 1pm Tuesday – 11am Wednesday)…

  3. No he always sounds miserable.

    He has been miserable since the day he found out Dean Jones wasn’t his father.

    A fact that the rest of us would rejoice.

  4. Sarah, Canterbury

    May 2, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    His name is very similar to Brad Hogg’s. That’s enough to make anybody miserable.

  5. His tongue is less annoying than Hogg’s.

  6. Someone had to mention the tongue!

    Now the nightmares are going to start again, and it’ll be six months in therapy for me!


  7. Oh Ceci, Ceci, Ceci!!

    That really has made my beer consumption come straight back up!

    You devil.

    That dameship I mentioned KC, forget it. Send her to the tower!

  8. Ceci, that made me throw up a bit in my mouth.

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