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We’ve just left the country. Regular readers will know that this tends to signal an improvement in quality due to the fact that we rely on a lot of reader submissions while we’re away.

In the next fortnight, we’ve got the annual sham that is our county cricket ‘ones to watch’ – who we’ll barely see because England will be playing the whole time –  two match reports, one sort-of match report and a conspicuously indifferent animal. We’ve also written a piece about Andy Caddick’s Test retirement – because that’s what no-one will be talking about in April 2010.

Comments will be moderated by Prince Stickball, so feel free to point out that we haven’t done a post about X, like you usually do. We might do something while we’re in India, but probably won’t.

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3 Appeals

  1. If you find yourself in South India at some point, try “Masala Dosa”.

  2. So what brings you to India? The IPL?

  3. It’s good news that you have gone to India, because the day you went there KP finally showed IPL fans that he can bat whilst walking that fine line between confidence and arrogance at the crease Maybe the King Cricket touch has worled?

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