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There are people who only read this site for the comments. That’s fair enough. Really the posts are just pegs to hang the comments off. Sometimes we’re tempted to just put up a title on its own as that’s all that’s really needed.

However, what you, the reader, often miss out on are the late comments on old posts. We had a classic yesterday on a cricket bat invading a rival sport. It was quite possibly spam, but we don’t care.

i have a big dick so play cricket snooker with my dick (dick snooker).

by the way im baldy.

We were impressed by the first line, but it’s the addition of that throwaway second line that elevates this comment to a truly spectacular level.

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10 Appeals

  1. Why is he talking about snooker?

    They guy is clearly playing pool. Now if he said he played Dick pool then i’d take him more seriously.

  2. Well in that case, I shall not comment on this post until mid-2010, whereupon I shall reveal that my huge (and hairless) balls can be used to play testicular volleyball.

  3. Can you do this every week? It would be give me something to aim for and potentially earn my drunken web browsing some much deserved recognition.

  4. King Cricket

    October 28, 2009 at 3:11 pm

    Genius doesn’t present itself weekly, but it’s something to aspire to.

    By the way, I own socks.

    (Just practising the irrelevant throwaway kiss-off.)

  5. This is such nonsense.

    And my elbows hurt.

  6. It’s good that Matt Prior’s found something to do with his time.

  7. Matt Prior can’t type.

  8. not with his hands anyway.

  9. Was it String who wrote the comment?

    He is bald and has a penchant for getting his genitalia out in public

  10. If Dick Snooker’s posting is spam, it is highly targeted spam, isn’t it? In which case some of his other spam on other sites might be equally or even more amusing.

    By the way, I have matinee idol good looks.

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