The Cricket Sadists’ Monthly

Jarrod Balls – as we’re going to start calling him, because it’ll get on his nerves – has put together an alternative cricket magazine with help from some friends. Many of you will already know about it, because you seem to have written a proportion of it.

It’s called the Cricket Sadists’ Monthly and we’re told it came out on the 1st. If it didn’t, sorry, but to be fair, we are on a plane somewhere over the Middle East right now. We’re not in a position to keep tabs on these things.

In one column, Ian O’Brien tells you what professional cricketers eat. That’s the kind of stuff we want to know.

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2 Appeals

  1. Perhaps in the next issue he’ll tell us if it’s really true that he doesn’t mind being called ‘Ian’ instead of ‘Iain.’

  2. how about Eoiaioin O’Morbrien

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