Cricket headlines with puns in them

There’s a brilliant pun-based board game from the Eighties called You Must Be Joking which must be adored by cricket headline writers. Those guys just can’t let a pun pass them by.

We describe that game as ‘brilliant’, but actually it was anything but. The full title was You Must Be Joking – the punsational play on words game.

If you’re going to have a game about wordplay, you might want to do a bit better than ‘punsational’ on the front of the box. You Must Be Joking also boasted of being a game ‘suitable for ages 6-10 and over’ – so six and over then.

We’re not a huge fan of punning headlines. Today’s unspectacular effort is from the BBC after Dougie Bollinger bowled Australia to victory against Pakistan:

Bollinger fizz hands Aussies win

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11 Appeals

  1. Similarly, “Taylor roars back to tame Lions” also from the BBC today. Must try harder.

  2. At last count there were 3,452 headlines with Bollinger/champagne puns in them.

    Cricket headlines with puns in them.

  3. “6-10 and over” basically means your life is over after that period…

  4. At least you’ve shown us a current pun, KC. Thank you for raisin a laugh, rather than rubbing sultana wound again.

  5. That’s a poor effort from the BBC. Surely it should have been “Bollinger uncorks vintage sparkle in fizzing Aussie win over Pakistan”.

  6. Catchy headline Mims!

  7. By the time the headline writers get tired of the various possibilities of Flower, Cook and Onions, we’ll all want to shoot ourselves.

  8. Bollinger fizzies all over Onions.

  9. the librarian

    May 2, 2009 at 11:23 pm

    Hoping for “Onions makes Aussies cry”…..

  10. It’s a pity Mustard hasn’t been selected as well.

  11. I always thought that onions and mustard would go well with those nice Berger people from Namibia.

    Onions and mustard don’t really go well with Bollinger, neither headline wise nor in culinary terms.

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