Edwina Currie on the death of Tom Maynard

It’s always reassuring when someone you suspect of being a complete dickhead confirms that yes, in fact they really are a complete dickhead.

Currie has some funny ideas about why people die. She once said that Northerners die because of “ignorance and chips“.

“Darwinism at work.” She might like to ponder the fact that evolution has led to the human capacity to feel empathy. If that’s beyond a particular individual, they should perhaps be reclassified.

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21 Appeals

  1. What a dreadful person she is.

    I’d imagine this puts the definitive kibosh on any future nookie between her and John Major.

  2. Soon, nobody will use Blackberries.

  3. What part of Mercedes, Facebook or Blackberry make this Darwinism? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. it’s a sad story. she though is a horrible witch

  5. I don’t know who she is, but she sure seems ignorant and irresponsible.

    But shouldn’t the British police have arrested Maynard when they stopped him? How the hell can a drunk guy “flee the scene” of police?

  6. Hmmm, dickhead, dingbat or fuckwit? Which is most apt?

  7. For those who don’t get the Darwin reference, Edwina is referring to this ancient on-line resource, been doing the rounds since the usenet days:


    Her remark is ill-judged and ill-timed. But then she has always been a master (mistress?) of making such remarks. Remember the salmonella in eggs debacle? That was how her political career went up in flames and crashed to the ground like a Luxor balloon. By jingo, Edwina Curry’s foot in mouth disease must be catching.

  8. what a cockend. a) Maynard had a son, b) isn’t she Northern herself?

  9. For those non-Brits asking who Edwina Currie is, she is a former politician who once said that good Christian people don’t get Aids while at the same time having an extra-marital affair with the then Prime Minister John Major. In other words, she is a breathtakingly stupid hypocrite whose words are always worth ignoring. Actually, you could have inferred that from the first thing I said about her.

    Should any newspaper editors out there want to use that paragraph as an obituary for her, please feel free. Should that occasion arise due to a tragic accident following a moment of weakness, please feel free to use her recent tweet instead.

  10. Well said, Bert.

    His parents must feel terrible but although they are saying the events that lead to his death don’t define him, in the end they killed him, so what exactly was going on with him?

    As a heavy drinker, he wouldn’t have been the first or the last. But the suggested excessive cocaine use adds another layer.

    Was he a young man in crisis or just one living it up in the glow of his apparent sucess who made one or two wrong decisions too many?

  11. Just to update people, the poisonous old cunt has made a groveling apology now, claiming she “had no idea who Tom Maynard was.”

    • That actually makes it more offensive, doesn’t it? If its some schlep like me or you, its Darwinism, if its someone (semi) famous, its a tragedy.

  12. Anyway, enough of this idiot. It’s time to start thinking about the upcoming county season. I assume that 2nd division cricket won’t put you off, KC, and that you’ll still be a regular at the B&Q DIY Superstore Ground, watching the mighty Lancashire Lillettes.


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