England cricketers’ Ashes sprinkler celebration

This is another good way of celebrating the retention of the Ashes.

If you don’t know about ‘the sprinkler’, it’s become the England cricketers’ official dance of the tour.

It’s a stupid dance and they’re all awful at it, but you can’t help but warm to them even more when you see the joy on their little faces every time they do it.

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11 Appeals

  1. What was that?!

  2. So THIS is why they had to retain Colly in the playing eleven.

  3. Somebody’s obviously been watching a few Bollywood songs!

    But they’ve thoroughly earned the right to have some fun!

  4. David Gower summed it all up when he was commentating last night –

    “And there it is, the last wicket, England has retained the Ashes. They’ve beaten Australia here, beaten them INTO THE EARTH.”

    And then Botham and Nasser who, on being asked several times what Australia needs to do from here, just kept repeating “Who cares? That’s their problem.”

    There is a deep, deep sense among those who were part of earlier England teams that this is payback for two decades of pain. I see no reason why those of us who had to watch those decades shouldn’t feel exactly the same way. Revenge might be a dish usually best served cold, but there are occasions when it comes as a piping hot three course meal with all the trimmings.

    “Ah yes, to start I think I’ll try the Crushed Enemy Salad, followed by Kangaroo in an Utter Shambles Sauce, with a side of Broken Captain please. For dessert I’ll have the Aussie Mess, fully whipped, and could you sprinkle that with a few years of Selection Chaos? Lovely.”

  5. Yep deep cower – when the going gets tough what you really need is a gritty northern type to make up a silly dance. I bet tjhe aussies are in a dance studio somwhere as we speak.

  6. To be honest, I think the celebratory venn requires more skill…

    …and possibly also more energy.

  7. This is poor payback. Hayden will always have an average over 50. I’m afraid that Australian smirk will never be erased from the being of the universe. That bunch of cunts will never get the comeuppance they deserve.

    Unless Rambo traps them all in a house and bazookas them. That’d be great.

  8. btw bresnan sucks. if he finishes with an under 40 average it would a great injustice.

  9. e normous – give it a rest.

    Ps: ‘celebs’ as an abbreviation for ‘celebration’? that’s a new one on me.

  10. I presume “e normous” is referring to Bressie’s batting average…

  11. I see what you’re saying, e normous. In fact, if anything one can imagine Hayden becoming EVEN MORE SMUG watching a team that he isn’t in getting a kicking. That is why it is of critical importance to continue pointing out at all opportunities the following:


    (It is more effective if you shout this into his stupid face directly.)

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