England Women v Pakistan Women ODI

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Ged writes:

Following several days of enforced 5am starts, I was looking forward to sleeping in a bit longer on Thursday, especially as I was cream-crackered by 10pm Wednesday. But of course, once you’ve got your body used to early starts, it just does its own thing. So although I set the alarm for 7am, I woke at 5am, still feeling zonked.

I switched on the TV to the sight of cricket – I hadn’t switched channel since the Trinidad Test. England Women were playing Pakistan Women in a World Cup fixture.

It took me quite a while to realise that I was watching highlights of a completed match rather than the live thing, so I probably wasn’t as awake as I initially thought.

Yet I was soon taken by the beauty of the Pakistan wicket-keeper, Batool Fatima, who came out to bat at jack. She had smeared her face with copious quantities of zinc, which seemed a little unnecessary for the last wicket in such ill-fated circumstances. I thought that she was possibly preparing herself for her fielding labours, but strangely, when she re-emerged soon after, she had removed the zinc. So contrary. I really like that.

She looked lovely with and without zinc. I realise that I probably have little in common with her, but in the early hours, such practical concerns are secondary. The cricket is, at best, tertiary.

The mug shots at Cricinfo are not flattering, so please do not be deceived by these ghastly apologies for photographs. She is the cat’s pyjamas. I’m talking way beyond Isa Guha levels of attractiveness

Highlights cricket does not excite me, so I soon summoned the energy to get up and go about my business.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. How come so many of the women cricketers who look so attractive when playing on the telly look so horrendous if you look ’em up on cricinfo?

  2. King cricket really does cater for all tastes doesn’t he? Mills and Boon now – or perhaps even a touch of Dame Barbara Cartland from Ged Ladd’s soft centre following on from yesterday’s GQ magazine featurette on UV – hot on the heels of the King’s own po-faced propah journalist cricket-speak. Hurrah! Let us celebrate diversity!

  3. I’m quite taken by Laura Marsh myself.

    Again, don’t refer to the pictures on Cricinfo. Look at her picture diary of the world cup on the Beeb website.

  4. Benno, agreed. The one with her sitting on the giant koala bear is my favorite.

    My parole officer says I’m not supposed to look at pictures like that anymore.

  5. Only last week the good people here rounded on Charles Colvile’s sexist attitude to the England women’s team, properly deriding his handbag comment. Now here you all are oggling pictures of these sportswomen, women who we should be appreciating as (oh, hello) sporting icons, not objects of misplaced (ooh, that’s one for the private collection) sexual desire. You ought to be ashamed of (by christ, look at those, you could stand a pint on them) yourselves.

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