How has Virat Kohli been dealing with his recent inability to lay bat on ball?

Virat Kohli bowled through the gate (via Twitter video)

The story of Virat Kohli in this year’s IPL is the story of a man having an uncharacteristically terrible time and having to somehow come to terms with that.

We wrote that story for Cricket 365 by asking: Did you see… Virat Kohli get bowled through the gate?

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6 Appeals

  1. First time I’ve seen this site and I’m intrigued by the lack of comments in favour of the emoji vote at the end.

    At the time of writing this article has made 0% of voters happy and 0% sad. 14% consider themselves ‘indifferent’ which is probably not high enough to be considered a success by the writer.

  2. Despite all the critics, he is a good captain.

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