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Massively disappointed that this isn’t an International Cricket Council backstab simulator.

That joke worked better before we realised it was ‘IC’ and not ‘ICC’.

We get a penny every time a new person watches this. We’re thinking about buying ourself some crisps later in the year.

To be honest, we’re only putting it up so that marketing people stop emailing us.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. Codemasters have wasted a penny of their marketing budget right there.

  2. By the end of August, just as we realise we didn’t beat Pakistan by much. KC should have a monster munch with hedgehog flavour to the fore. I don’t travel to Pakistan much foe obvious resons, does anyone know their favourite crisps/ (no war jokes please )

  3. Who knows?

    Imagine you’re trying to market a £40 cricket game. Would it be worth a penny to you to have the reader of a cricket website watch half your promotional video?

  4. I am in a terrible pickle. I want to watch the video KC, I really do. But I can’t. Thing is, I can’t find out who is doing the gameplay overview until I press play, but the person doing the gameplay overview is going to directly influence my decision on whether or not I hit that button.

    If, as I hope, it’s a gameplay overview with Jonathan Agnew, then I would surely enjoy hearing about how “finding the late movement away from the batsman requires nothing more than a subtle tilt of your motion sensitive controller at the requisite moment”. However, if it’s an overview presented by any of those rent-a-voice celebrity Jonathan’s such as Ross, Frakes or even that scrote Edwards with his silver fox appeal and smooth, smooth legs, then I would definitely NOT like to learn about the possibility to alter the AI of computer fielders (settings range from Monty to Jonty) depending on your game prowess.

    You might think I might watch it regardless, to set you on the way to those Monster Munch. But tat would be a naive misjudgement of my feelings towards Jonathan Edwards.

    Could someone let me know if it’s an Aggers sponsored product or not? If it is KC, I’ll watch it twice – once at work, and once at home. Generous sort, me.

  5. It’s gonna be a very long over … every ball I’ve seen bowled so far is a big old chuck.

    And I’ve had 2p’s worth!

  6. That’s a strong contender for being our favourite ever comment that’s about “that scrote Edwards with his silver fox appeal and smooth, smooth legs.”

    It’s Agnew.

  7. If you get one million people to view this video, that will mean that you would have enough money to buy two hundred copies of the game and still have enough money left over to buy a VIP ticket to the Lord’s test for ten years or more. If you don’t get one million people to view the video you won’t be able to do all that.

    How many have you got so far?

  8. Dunno. Not even bothering to check because if we’re perfectly honest they don’t pay out until you’ve earned £50 or more.

    Chances of there being additional cricket videos on offer that we can be paid even so much as a penny a view for that might one day get us up to £50?


  9. Dear Codemasters,

    I have never played a video game, and I don’t even have a computer, but I came across your marvellously informative film while browsing the web one day. I, along with millions of other people that I know of personally, regularly visit King Cricket in order to get guidance on the choices I have to make in life, especially purchasing decisions. I must say that my mind is now made up – I will be buying several copies of International Cricket 2010 at the earliest opportunity. I can’t wait to get the house to myself so I can draw the curtains, grasp my Power Stick and try to get some late swing.

    Had I viewed this video via any other website I would have ignored it. It is only because it was presented in the enthusiastic and absolutely not cynical way that this website specialises in that I took its message to heart. SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY MORE VIDEO CLIPS ON WHATEVER ELSE YOU MIGHT SELL, I WOULD ADVISE THAT YOU PUT THEM HERE, POSSIBLY AT AN INCREASED RATE. Coconuts, pegs, chip pans, whatever – I guarantee that I will buy whatever shite it is that you are pushing.

    Yours honestly,
    Bert (on behalf of one million real people definitely)

    (I think that should do the trick, KC.)

  10. The Ponting atavar looked more like Ponting than Ponting does.

    The Daryl Harper likeness was spoilt when Harper signalled six when it was actually a six – not very realistic that.

    The Agnew soundalike didn’t sound a bit like Agnew – I wasn’rt fooled for a moment. There was no mention of legovers or cakes, for example.

    There’s my two-penneth….well, one-penneth actually.

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