India v Australia Tests still clearly a big deal

A warm-up for the Ashes in the eyes of some of the Australians. A dying form of the game in the eyes of a few Twenty20 fans who think they see an inevitability about the spread of that format, despite it being ridiculously early days.

India v Australia Tests still have the power to bring down Cricinfo though. Nothing says ‘big deal’ quite like a Firefox tab that says “Loading…”

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14 Appeals

  1. Laxman brings down Sachin servers.

  2. Just lost a pint though, betting with a mate last evening that the Aussies couldn’t lose. I wonder if there is any way I might console myself…

    Anyway, now that Cricinfo has fixed itself, it’s worth looking at the commentary segment for the third-last ball, which was tense enough with six needed to win on the last wicket, but then also contained a dead-cert lbw appeal (not given), a dead-cert run-out (if he’d hit) and four overthrows (because he didn’t). Who needs T20 – you can condense a match-worth of excitement into one ball it would seem.

  3. Laxman is like an incurable disease for the Aussies.

  4. Actually, I think you’ll find that Cricinfo was brought downby the atrocious pun in Brydon Coverdale’s bulletin:

    “They knew that in the first innings VVS had been very, very sore.”

  5. What a game though! My heart rate is still up 3 hours later. Can’t wait to see Australia bounce back in Bangalore to set up a series decider in..oh wait.

    Pity we had to make do with 2 tests when an extra 5 ODIs could be played.

  6. One can only hope the next track isn’t so flat as to ensure five double centuries and a comfortable draw and a series win for India.

  7. That was awe inspiring stuff, and made me significantly late for work.

  8. King Cricket

    October 5, 2010 at 10:20 pm

    Come on, The Dawg. Work needs you. Those old people’s arses won’t wipe themselves.

    We have no idea what you do. We’re guessing.

    We’re pretty sure we’re wrong.

  9. Should it be peoples’?

  10. Should it be peoples’?

  11. Deep Cower, you’ve picked it like a nose.

  12. Well this is top secret KC but I work for a large research organisation currently experimenting on self wiping arses.

    Keep it under your Panama…

  13. King Cricket

    October 6, 2010 at 9:42 am

    A development worthy of greater investment in our book.

    Even after all these years, we’re still not confident we’ve got the right technique.

  14. Worthy of greater investment in our book too.

    Does the self-wiping device in question use pages from our book?

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