Ishant Sharma benefits from Care in the Community

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Trouser status unknownIndia are right to persevere with spindly, lank-haired Rubik’s Cube swallower, Ishant Sharma, but of late it’s seemed a bit like a Care in the Community obligation rather than a forward-looking show of faith.

There comes a point where you’re not encouraging a player, you’re just putting him on a stage and telling him to dance with his trousers round his ankles. It seems like every time we’ve checked Sharma’s bowling figures in the last year, he’s taken no wickets and gone for six an over.

But lo, he’s just taken three Aussie wickets. The trousers are back on.


  1. Within minutes of this blog post being published, he takes out Watson, Ponting and Clarke. Care to do a similar piece on Harbhajan Singh?

  2. A wicket off a no-ball in each innings too. I should enquire to “Ask Stephen” about that. Although he normally ignores my incisive enquiries about potentially illuminating stats. Bastard.

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