James Taylor’s height again

You wait and wait for a drawing of the diminutive James Taylor batting with gangletastic Will Jefferson and then you get two in two days.

Angy was responsible for this one:

Waqar Younis would be aiming for those toes

Hope everyone’s starting to get a decent sense of just how small James Taylor is. Sorry if it’s still not clear. We’re not sure Will Jefferson’s the best unit of measurement.

When you measure things in terms of double decker buses or football fields, it’s usually because they’re big. Saying that James Taylor is the same size as 0.6 Will Jeffersons doesn’t convey scale in quite the same way.

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3 Appeals

  1. Typical, when it’s Afridi walking on the pitch it’s cause for complaint, yet when evidence exists of Jefferson blatantly digging his talons in it’s ok because he’s English. Double standards much?
    Outstanding pic by the way Angy!

  2. Watching the highlights last night I saw Taylor celebrating a wicket and for a split second I genuinely thought a child had run on to the pitch. Even next to the likes of Broad and Finn he’s staggeringly small. We went to watch Surrey v Notts a few weeks back and it took just a few overs of the Outlaws in the field before my girlfriend asked me the name of “the little one”. When I told her he’d been picked for England she was delighted.

  3. Reminds me of Goya’s The Disasters of War, Angy.


    Stunning work of art. Do you do portraits?

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