How tall is James Taylor?

He’s about three-foot-one, three-foot-two maybe.

There’s a very striking photo of James Taylor when he was batting with the grossly oversized Will Jefferson once. Sam sent it to us asking us to publish it. We said we couldn’t because of all that copyright stuff that no-one pays attention to when republishing great swathes of this website.

Sam then asked whether we could use a drawing of the photo.

He's really captured Jefferson's enigmatic facial expression

Bradley Wiggins doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘gold’.

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20 Appeals

  1. But you’ve used the original photo anyway!

    • King Cricket

      August 1, 2012 at 5:49 pm

      Have we?

      Look closer – you’ll notice that Sam couldn’t quite match the green of the grass.

  2. For anyone who hasn’t seen the original picture, here it is:–3o5Gl.jpg

    There’s no law against linking to pictures – is there?

  3. How long before you realize no one here is interested in buying your bicycles?

    I am guessing that’s what the other site is about.

  4. Aww, look at those tiny little pads!

    At least his kit sponsors only have to buy junior kit for him, must keep things cheap.

  5. Agreed sam has captured the enigmatic expression on Jefferson’s face.

    And it doesn’t matter where you stand in the room, the Jefferson picture still appears to be looking at James Taylor.

    Leonardo da Vinci himself would have struggled to better the Jefferson aspect.

    But sam hasn’t quite, in my view, captured the “I’m playing cricket with my dad” expression on James Taylor’s face.

    Back to the drawing board, sam.

  6. James Taylor is a couple of inches taller than Mushfiqur Rahim. Will Jefferson is a couple of inches taller than Chris Tremlett. Nothing to see here, move along.

  7. You’re all mocking, but consider this. Kevin Pietersen has to judge whether the ball would go over the stumps by where it is in relation to his legs. James Taylor can do the same thing with his head. Above his eye-line – missing. Below his eye-line – hitting. That’s the reason why all the best batsmen are under 5ft 7in, and indeed all the best sportsmen in general, scientists, thinkers, leaders, wits and raconteurs, and of course lovers.

  8. You can’t not use it.

  9. Angry, that’s super stuff. You’ve put me to shame. Maybe we can get everyone here to do one? It could be like…a thing.

  10. Sorry Angy. I put an rogue ‘r’ in your name. Hope that doesn’t make you too angry.

  11. James Taylor is 5’6″, Sir Don Bradman was 5’7″ and Brian Laura is 5’8″, so is size really important in this case?

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