Jason Holder’s old ball half-over

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Alastair Cook walks off having scored loads of runs (via ECB)

Many things happened during the UK’s first day-night of Test cricket, but the most memorable was the 81st over.

The whole focus of the day was on what would happen when a new pink ball was used under lights – but no-one told the captain of the bowling side.

It was like going to a Lou Bega gig only for him to finish with one of his earlier Mambos. It was like queuing up at the Westvleteren Brewery only to be handed half a mug of lukewarm Ovaltine. The whole reason why people were here was wilfully overlooked.

Jason Holder opted against taking the new ball when it became available and instead bowled three insipid nothing deliveries with the old one before limping off. Roston Chase finished the over with a bit of off-spin and then opening batsman Kraigg Brathwaite bowled the next over.

Sometimes a delay can build tension, but in this case it was only an exercise in pissing it all away. The West Indies didn’t have an excellent day.

Alastair Cook did. He was top-scorer and bats on. Joe Root also made a hundred.


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  1. Weather forecast less than special, although we have a bight and breezy morning so far here in Brum.

    Still, weather forecasters are experts and we’ve all had enough of experts these days, If we’re lucky we’ll get a few hours of cricket (with the odd shower) before the solid deluge. If we’re unlucky…

    Yesterday it was like Noah’s Flood driving out to Stourbridge am, followed by the most glorious afternoon and evening weather I can recall at Edgbaston. Go Figure.

  2. What a brutal slight against Lou Bega’s musical career that is, to feel the need to link to news story of his one song.

  3. Lorraine Chase, Chevy Chase, Thetford Chase. Now Roston Chase. When the hell is this going to end.

  4. Here we all are.

    Daisy & I are holding court during the “luncheon” interval at the front of the Raglan between blocks 5&6 – just st the edge of 6.

      1. Not possible, Sam. I was (politely) looking out for you during loo breaks and didn’t see you.

        Shame you didn’t seek us out for a quick IRL hello.

        Not bad quantity or quality of cricket yesterday. When the heavens opened at 12;30 I wondered for a while whether your doom-laden westher forecast was right.

        Hope you enjoyed your day. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  5. Cricketer spotted, live: I’m sitting next to someone who informs me they were in a lift with Stuart Broad (Birmingham Malmaison) this morning and that he said he was ‘tired’. On arrival of the lift my neighbour said ‘after you’, to which Broady replied ‘no, after you’.

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