Mop-up of the day – negativity and The Kingdom

First up, our fortnightly Twitter round-up for Cricinfo where Grobbelaar has correctly identified that we bring nothing but negativity to the world. We’re pretty sure Shaun Pollock would have a groansome quote about judging people to deliver as a riposte to that, but he’d probably also have one about bitter, petty revenge not being so glorious either.

The Kingdom

There was another strong performance from the representatives within our All Out Cricket fantasy league mini league. The Kingdom’s poppie84 topped the overall table after the Cardiff one-dayer. Not sure whose team that is. Make yourself known in the comments so that everyone can congratulate/badmouth you.

We are second in the mini league and fifth overall. It’s almost as if we have half an idea about one-day cricket. Who knew?

Actual cricket

Zimbabwe are chasing 232 against South Africa in a match no-one will pay attention to because (1) it involves Zimbabwe and (2) it’s low-scoring.

People only remember the high-scoring matches and therefore mistakenly conclude that the one-day game’s all about making huge totals these days. Even if the general trend is for higher scores, the truth is that there are still more totals of under 200 than there are of over 300.

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15 Appeals

  1. I see Bert’s Indifferents have folded like a cheap suit. Unless they have changed their name, like Marathon to Snickers.

    I don’t actually remember when Snickers was called Marathon. I’m far too young.

    • In an attempt to destroy years of proud history, Bert’s Indifferents have changed their name to Birmingham Indifferents. As a consequence they no longer hold any legitimacy as a team whatsoever, and I have withdrawn them from all competitions in shame and embarrassment.

  2. I spent quite a bit of time trying to understand Dernbach’s tweet, but had to give up finally. Some girl tweeted a picture of a ball that had figures of 4/42 on it. I went over to his page on cricinfo to see the match details, but couldn’t find any record. Presumably neither can Jade and so he is pissed.

    Either that or he’s an asshole.

  3. Your majesty, if you so desire, I can tell Grobbelaar how much you contribute to our lives!

  4. I enjoyed his 0/56 off 4 overs in the semi v Warks and the comment that he must never play for England again. I’m not sure what his reply to that might be.

  5. Be positive, and the world is positive with you. Be negative and you are negative alone.

    • You’ve been spending too much time with Shaun Pollock

    • Is “spending too much time with Shaun Pollock” a euphemism for excessive use of a fashionable recreational substance, Sam? If not, it should be.

      And please name that substance, Balladeer.

    • It’s a heady mixture of strong cannabis and “inspirational” Facebook posts, and I do not recommend it. Does awful things to the brain.

    • Bouxndvcher.

  6. This is my first go at the fantasy cricket thingy. Is the All Out Cricket website always this unreliable? It seems to be down every time I want to check it and see whereabouts in the middle of the table I am.

    • King Cricket

      September 2, 2014 at 4:03 pm

      Don’t know, but we’ve never once had a problem logging in, so it’s usually okay.

    • It’s been down again all morning. Never mind, I had Alastair Cook and Chris Woakes in my team so I’m not really sure why I’m so keen to find out how I did.

      Yesterday when I logged in I was given access to someone else’s team, so I think the site has problems…

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