North Gear Premier League Twenty20 Grand Final match report

Royal Cricket (no relation) visited Canterbury to ignore the North Gear Premier League Twenty20 Grand Final. They say this:

Our mate Paul Hibberd’s younger brother, James, was playing, so we didn’t ignore him but we did spend lots of time ignoring the cricket and looking at the cameras to make sure we got on the telly.

In the bits we saw, James was legendary. We were surprised, but then we picked up why this was so. Early on, Paul had met Rob Key. During the meeting, as you can see from this picture, Rob’s power surged from Rob to Paul – you can tell from the way that Paul’s hair has stuck out at the side.


This proved to be the decisive factor because when Paul stood near his brother afterwards, the power of Rob Key surged onwards to James. James then went on to pick up the man of the match award in the semi-final and take 2-15 in the final as Totton and Eling Eels defeated Ockbrook and Borrowash Devils.

We got on the telly in our club shirts too. Which made us laugh. Actually that might have been the many pints of Shepherd Neame Masterbrew that we drank.

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3 Appeals

  1. I see have competetion for ignoring things at Canterbury….

  2. The Count of Montetwisto

    October 4, 2007 at 7:04 am

    Gawd love Rob Key, ruddy faced yokel-looking fellow that he is. Some times I think he wouldn’t look out of place eating a pie and ploughing the field in some Constable tableau.

    Still though, he isn’t the same without his flaming sword.

  3. I like that Paul has stood a bit behind Rob Key, so as not to diminish Rob’s physical magnificence.

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