Of new eras and transitional periods

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We wrote for someone else. Since we stopped writing for The Cricketer’s website a few years back, we haven’t really had an outlet for non-satirical longer articles, so we reckon that’s what we’ll do for Cricket365 and we’ll link to anything that goes up there. This first piece is about how moving towards a new era is invariably seen as being a good thing, regardless of how you go about it.

We somehow managed to avoid making reference to Beefy ranting about how England should bring in youngsters, which is what he does whenever any player over the age of 27 makes consecutive single figure scores or fails to take a wicket for nine overs. Not sure how that happened, because reading the article again, that’s pretty much what it’s about. See for yourself.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Well I liked it.

    It is right as well. The current state of the English and Australian cricket teams, defined as being “in transition” and “coming out of the transitional phase” respectively, is only true if you assume a bright future for both. If you assume a dreary future for both, their current status becomes “normal” and “a transitory blip” respectively. Looking at the teams and the next few players in line, this latter is far more likely to be true.

    1. It seems there’s only me here today. Cool. I think I’ll walk round in just my pants.

    2. Oh, er… we were already doing that. We, er, didn’t expect anyone else to be here today.

      These? Er, no, they’re not ours. Ours are, er, all in the wash? Yes, sorry, don’t know why that came out as a question. Ours are all in the wash, so we, er… Well, you know…

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      No, no, no, not right now, some time later. And make sure you’ve washed them.

    4. Oh it’s a monogram. We thought the B was for ‘back’. Have we got them on the wrong way round then?

    5. Welcome to KingCricket. Where conversations are weirder than a Sri Lankan bowling attack.

  2. I was in a transitional period between writing on your site and turning the other cheek to abusive postings, KC.

    I’m writing again now.

    Nice boxers. M&S?

  3. youngsters eh? england should pick me. i’m only 43 and i haven’t played any competitive cricket since… oh hang on, no, i never actually played competitive cricket at all did i.

    i mean, i practically pick myself right?

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