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The great thing about making no discernible progress in life is that when there isn’t anything you want to write about, you know where to look to find what you wrote five years ago.

On the 16th January, 2008, this website was updated not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES.

1. Something about Virender Sehwag and Rahul Dravid

Bit long, pretty much no insight and hard to understand what’s going on because we didn’t really provide much context.

2. Shaun Pollock retirement post

This one’s actually quite good. We were clearly very irritated with Shaun Pollock on the 16th of January, 2008 and didn’t want to honour him with a respectful retirement post. Good on us.

3. An early moan about not picking a spinner

Which would go on to become part of our manifesto (see sidebar). We always suspected that we’d been saying the same thing over and over again for the last five years. It’s pleasing to see that this is actually the case.

King Cricket 2008 v King Cricket 2013

We suppose that the lesson here is that if we write three times a day, one of those three posts might turn out okay, so writing once a day and having nothing better to do than to link to posts from five years ago clearly isn’t the way forward.

Despite that, we can’t promise that this won’t be the way forward.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


    1. Pretty sure Miriam hasn’t been offended. In fact, we spoke to her husband only yesterday, even though he’s an Australian.

      As for Jen, she – like every single one of our ex-commenters – still reads the site daily. It’s just that she no longer feels compelled to say anything about our articles, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear to us.

      Isn’t that right, Jen?

      Oh, right.

  1. Ah, those were the days. Everything was somehow fresher and brighter back then. I well remember how I’d never heard of King Cricket at that point, and that it was only some time after 2008 when I first heard of King Cricket. Yes, truly those were the days.

    1. Good grief, I commented on that one in Jan 2009 as well. Must have been one of my earlier posts here KC.

      I basically label all years, from the entirely subjective view of when I became aware of this site, as either:
      * BKC – before King Cricket
      * ALMG – after Lord Megachief of Gold

      I think this year must be ALMG6, but only because it is entirely verboten to call the first year zero, so the start of the 6th year is named 6.

    2. Indeed vintage 2008.

      I’m impressed by my own prescient statement in my first posting – “I’ll be back”.

      2008. The grass was greener, the skies were bluer…

  2. Sorry, I absolutely refuse to accept that 2008 was 5 yrs ago. Can’t be more than 2-3 yrs ago, tops. If it was then I’d be mid-40s and that would be unacceptable.

  3. I liked the Shaun Pollock post. Particularly because of the last comment. Still more particularly because of the last line in the last comment.

    This perhaps explains why I read this blog.

  4. Surprised to find I din’t comment here until 2010, despite the fact that I started following the blog the previous year. Presumably for months on end I just didn’t feel worthy of such exalted company.

    1. Same here, that time I still cared about things I guess. This site helped me see things in more perspective. It’s okay.

  5. I still remember the day cricket with balls directed me here back in 2008 ish. I dread to think how many weeks in accumulated time I’ve spent on here during years of inactive and slothful jobs in Dubai.

  6. When was my first comment? Come on, come on. I am waiting. Do I win? Have I been here longest? Bert is so new-school, as are you Price and Deep Cower.

    1. That date lies. You all lie. Everyone lies. I commented first back in 1998. Before King Cricket was even a King. Way back when the internet was just wires and shit. When you yahoo’d your own name, when Ask Jeeves was a good idea when you left the internet in the office when you went home. Bastards.

    2. Yahoo and Ask Jeeves are mere arrivistes, as are you, with all due respect, D Charlton.

      I’ve been on-line since the days of thermionic valves, punch cards and dial-up modems.

      If you’ve neverwrestled with Usenet newsgroups you haven’t been born:


      You pesky kids don’t know the half of it.

    3. First of mine I can find is March 2007, back when all this were nowt but Blogspot. But I’m sure there are other refugees from that era with a longer pedigree, and even bigger beards.

    4. Quote of the week as well, Simon C.

      You and ‘by the way im baldy’ are the only two quotes of the week I know. You’re in the same part of the KC Venn diagram.

      ‘Arrivistes…’ Pah. Pah to you all.

    5. You had probably commented before that, SimonC, but the dates on the old site are all out of whack now, so we’ll never know.

    6. I’ve had a fine old time in spare moments today reading old entries on the blogspot site. Jaffa cake science! Brian Lara as King Cricket! Spider-man denying appeals against Matthew Hayden! The Holy Crap! Series!

      There were more but that’s enough exclamation marks for one week.

  7. I love the fact that the passionate comment on the Shaun Pollock post was written a full year and a half later. I imagine the guy searched for posts featuring Pollock and was devastated to find his hero ridiculed.

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