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Or is he just saying that his Test salary's too low?Unlike players in some other sports, cricketers quite often talk sense. They’re even capable of being interesting. That said, there have been some pretty ordinary thoughts expressed about this whole Stanford Twenty20 thing and about the IPL as well.

Monty Panesar’s a bright guy, but his comments are fairly typical: “Test cricket has always been the ultimate dream for every cricketer – that’s still going to be the number one.”

This is the kind of mindless blanditude most players have come out with when asked about the impact of Twenty20 on Test cricket. Is that really the case Monty? Why? Why should that situation persist just because it always has done?

Paul Collingwood yesterday offered a more considered opinion: “Twenty20’s blowing everything out of the water, but we must decide what we want in the future. The big picture is if Test cricket is going downhill because of it. We’ve got to keep Tests in the forefront.”

This is a man who’s in danger of being dropped from the Test team, but who as one-day captain is virtually guaranteed his Twenty20 place. It would be quite easy for him to spout the ‘great for cricket’ line, but no – this is a man who loves cricket and is worried about its future.

He goes on to say: “When I was a kid, all I thought about was playing in the World Cup or winning the Ashes. We don’t want kids growing up just dreaming about winning Stanford matches to earn some money or playing in the Indian Premier League. That dream is a massive thing for kids.”

He then finishes off by acknowledging that players might be economical with the truth about their level of fitness when there’s such money at stake.

We like Paul Collingwood. Paul Collingwood lives in the real world.


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  1. Good old monty, putting quotes in the right areas.

    So this is KC’s first absentee blogs? Can we start saying rude things about him?

  2. Happy birthday KC. Is it 40 today, grandad?

    Spigs, he’s still in Lankyland today, as he’s orff to the T20i tonight for his birthday. Then he’s orrff to Cornwall.

  3. Thanks Suave and thanks for keeping such an accurate record of our whereabouts too.

    We’re 30. To paraphrase Kevin Keegan: Batsmen today aren’t born until they’re in their thirties.

  4. Weren’t you the same person who once said, if I interviewed cricketers I’d yawn in their face when they answered me.

  5. Jrod, maybe that was us. It still doesn’t mean they aren’t more interesting than, say, footballers.

    Thanks Sasha. You’ve captured Rob’s physique perfectly.

  6. In the words of your namesake KC (and his Sunshine Band) – that’s the way (uh huh uh huh) I like it (uh huh uh huh).

    Top post – Colly talks a lot of sense.

    Happy Birthday you young pup – have a marvellous holiday xx

  7. it was funny reading good about polly colly,

    when most of the bloggers go left and right bashing him…

    i guess that is what makes your website, such a treat to read!

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