Australia’s batting stutters again

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Shiv - born in Unity VillageIs this the same West Indies side we watched letting balls through their legs at Old Trafford last year? With the honourable exception of Sir Shiv of Guyana they were a shower and were soundly beaten in the series by a rather flattered England side.

Australia seem to have had a few hiccups against them though. They were bowled out for 167 during the first Test, drew the second and are now 226-7 in the third. This isn’t very intimidating.

Australia will land in England this time next year. Come on everybody, there are only 365 days in which to pretend that things might turn out all right after all before reality ruins everything. Let’s make the most of this short halcyon period.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I’m afraid without Glen McGrath there won’t be any deluded “5-0” Aussie players this time around!

  2. So the Aussies are ahead by 365 with 7 second innings wickets remaining…

    The benefit of hindsight and all that.

  3. So Windies three down with 240 to get on the last day. Guess who’s still at the crease, now averaging over 200 in the series?

  4. Dave, luckily for Australia, the remaining non-Chanderpaul part of the West Indies’ batting lineup has a combined average of under 80 for the series, and Chanderpaul scores slower than them.

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