Rain and reign and the annual carry-over Test

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Is this a thing now? Is the scheduled last Test of each summer forever destined to be played the following year?

We’re jumping the gun here, but there’s at least some sort of a chance we’re going to have to run a Sim Series here, isn’t there?

After first rain and then reign (hat tip, Ged Ladd) prevented play in the third Test between England and South Africa, it doesn’t seem totally beyond the bounds of possibility that they’ll just sack the thing off and maybe play it next year instead. There’s precedent after all.

Such a move would also address the fact that South Africa aren’t due to tour England again any time soon. Why arrange multiple tours when you could just spread the current one out a bit? Maybe play one day a year. It would be fun to revisit England and South Africa teams of years gone by on days four and five in 2026 and 2027.

To give a sense of what that would be like, these would be the teams if England and India were due to play day five of the final Test of the 2018 summer this week. They’re actually weirdly and disappointingly credible. We guess the world moves on way slower than we thought it did.

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  1. The Aussie lad you met at Old Trafford had a ticket for today’s play at the Oval. He also had a ticket (with me) for the first day at OT last year. This cannot be a coincidence. It’s also the case that in my fifty-odd years on this planet there has only been one change in UK monarch, and that happened within ten years of him having come to live here.

    Clearly some dark and nefarious powers are moving in the shadows. I don’t think he is to blame for all this per se, that would be frankly ridiculous. It’s just that his presence creates disturbances that upset the fabric of reality, causing mayhem and chaos. If I were you, I would avoid Morris Dancing for a while, if you know what I mean.

      1. No ‘approach from the palace’ to discuss an arrangement for the Twitter handle yet, then…?

  2. A very entertaining weekend of cricket following nonetheless. Seems a shame that they couldn’t finish the match today.

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