Robert Key fielding a burger

All aboard the Rob-Key-fielding-different-foodstuffs bandwagon. Sam sent us this in response to Vin’s exquisite piece of Rob Key art.

Rob Key appears in art once again

We asked Sam if he had anything to add that might enrich our enjoyment of the picture.

Sam said: “Not really, I think the picture speaks for itself. He’s fielding a burger.”

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9 Appeals

  1. Kendal King Pin

    October 15, 2008 at 2:10 pm


    That is all.

  2. He looks a bit shocked there. Is there gherkin in the burger?

  3. I think it’s because he asked for a triple Whopper and feels a bit short-changed.

  4. I think its because he has just realised that his technique has let him down and all as he will end up with is a handful of dry bun and yesterdays salad as the rest of the burger, the real prize lets be honest, careers on towards the boundary!

  5. Mighty Otter – I am in awe of your knowledge of Robs’ burger fielding technique – I see the sad scenario unfold and weep.

  6. What’s next? Rob Key fielding a kitten while the kitten’s being conspicously indifferent to being fieldied?

  7. Im aboard, now where is my burger !?


    Is he slide stopping the burger


    has he mucked up the long barrier to an on coming burger ?

  8. Dave, you’ve just given me an idea…

  9. Don’t weep SxSixEight, we all know that Rob will have learned from this sad incident and will almost certainly get back on top of his burger fielding.

    I hear that he is so commited to getting it right that he is often seen doing some out of hours fielding practice in various well known burger outlets.

    Thats commitment!

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