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The BBC again finds itself mired in conflict after asking people to vote for its cricket podcasts instead of our one. We’re on the shortlist too, you know. How about a bit of balance and fairness?

It’s been a turbulent time for the Beeb. First the leader of the world’s largest democracy attacked it for a bunch of stuff it said. Then a month or so later it attacked Gary Lineker for something he said.

And now it’s shamelessly pushing its own podcasts for awards over The Ridiculous Ashes. What happened to that famed impartiality?

This is just naked self interest, pure and simple.

The Sports Podcast Awards’ Best Cricket Podcast category has 12 nominations. As well as the two BBC ones, The Ridiculous Ashes is up against the Telegraph, Wisden and Simon Hughes, as well as friends of the site, Adam and Geoff.

We don’t want to prematurely sink to “it’s an honour just to be shortlisted” but it’s decided by a public vote. We can see that the sickeningly biased TMS tweet has been viewed 100,000 times, so we’re not awash with confidence. Please go and vote for us anyway though so that we don’t come last.

The Ridiculous Ashes is also one of eight shortlisted in the Best Sports Comedy Podcast category. We have only one BBC rival in this category.

It’s great to be shortlisted. Double great, even. Voting closes in the middle of next month.

About The Ridiculous Ashes

Together with Dan Liebke, we revisit historic Ashes series and try and work out which team was the more ridiculous – England or Australia.

Each episode covers a single Test. We nominate three ridiculous moments from England; Dan nominates three ridiculous moments from Australia; and then we pick out our top three, allocate points, and whichever nation gets most points wins that ridiculous Test match.

We’ve done four series so far. Pat Cummins had a cameo in the most recent one.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Shuv it up yer arse, BBC: The Ridiculous Ashes is the best cricket podcast and the best sports comedy podcast in the world. Fact.

  2. There is no need for your premature capitulation. You have nothing to worry about. I will vote for you, and as a licence payer my vote will count a million times. I think. It might even be two million.

    So that’s two million votes for you, and none for anyone else. Unless another licence payer votes for someone else. But why would they? Surely if they are a licence payer they will be too busy writing to Points of View with Barry Took, or emailing Gardeners’ Question Time with a query about watering their clematis.

  3. If you win, it’s because clearly yours is the best podcast. If you don’t, we’ll spin this properly: people don’t have good taste etc. Either way, KC, we got your back.

  4. I’m concerned that this article uses language reminiscent of the 1930s (specifically the 1932/33 Ashes, and words like ‘Ashes’, ‘Test’, and even ‘Cricket’)

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