The only story you need to know about Australia’s new coach Andrew McDonald

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Every cricketer has been out for a duck, but Andrew McDonald might be the only player who’s ever been physically assaulted by one.

It happened in 2010 when he was walking through Queen’s Gardens in Perth with then team-mate Aaron Finch.

“We walked too close to the ducklings and the old father duck attacked me,” said McDonald. “He got on top of my backpack and started chipping away at my head. It was a savage attack, so lucky to survive. I never knew they could be so feisty.”

McDonald said he was on the receiving end of “a couple of pecks on the back of the head.” He said Finch had fled.

It seemed to get the adrenaline flowing anyway. McDonald made 163 off 116 balls later that day with 154 in the morning session alone.

It’s hard to see the new man proving anywhere near as much fun as his predecessor as Australia coach, elite entertainer Justin Langer, but that duck thing’s got to come in handy at some point, right?

There are similarities between the two men though. Remember the nauseating dressing room ‘branding’ at the Optus Stadium in Perth that Langer was definitely in some way responsible for? Well this old piece by friend of the site Adam Collins tells us that McDonald’s also prone to plastering motivational statements all over the place.

It’s a small thing, but it gives us a sliver of hope. Langer’s are very large comedy boots to try and fill.

There’s been more in-no-way-made-up praise for the King Cricket email!

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Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Spied my first city centre goslings of the spring today in Manchester – as someone who has occasionally been caught between a goose and its young, the duck story hits hard. Much like a goose can hit hard with its neck and beak.

    I have never been spurred on to sporting achievement by anatine encounters (anserine or otherwise), though.

    1. “Spied” was an excellent choice of verb to use on Spy Wednesday, APW. I noticed and appreciated it.

      Anserine was an excellent choice of adjective too.

      Daisy, Daisy, give me your anserine , do.

      KC, may we please have a short bio on Jean-Baptiste de Nutsack – I’m struggling to find him on Google…other than here on this site, obvs.

      1. He’s just your average young hunchback, Ged. His other interests include pipecleaner modelling and wig maintenance.

      2. Not into adjustable spanners then? What a pity.

        But thanks for the comprehensive synopsis. The reference from him now makes perfect sense.

  2. Is Andrew McDonald the one in the picture lying on the pitch talking to the ball while Ricky is trying to tell him this sort of behaviour is frowned upon?

    1. We’re glad someone took the time to peruse our choice of image. We took some time getting the right shot.

      He’s really eyeballing that ball.

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