This is not about the England squad for the Bangladesh tour

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We can’t remember what time our own email goes out. Is it 11am? We could just check the timestamp on an old one, we suppose – but who’s honestly got time to do that? We suspect it’s actually 10am, but on the offchance it’s an hour later, here’s a link to our latest Twitter round-up for Cricinfo.

This counts as Thursday’s post. We’ll do something about the England squad in a bit. Email-receiving folk will have to visit the website proper if they want to read that today. Of course they won’t know to do that until tomorrow (Saturday) if we’ve missed our own email deadline.

Time pressures, eh?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Can we rant and rave here about the squad? Specifically about how we are experts on county cricket, despite not having seen a single match all year?

    Gareth Batty? He’s 38! He might die!

    Haseeb Hameed? He’s 19! He might miss his mum!

    1. No, you can’t. You can wait for 10 minutes until the Gareth Batty post appears and have your say on there instead. The comments on this post are reserved for the debate about whether Tino Best even owns a shirt.

      Honestly, we’ve half a mind to delete everything you wrote, replacing your words with something that reflects poorly on you. We have the power to do that, you know.

      Now say something about Tino Best’s wardrobe to make up for your misbehaviour.

      1. Must admit having skipped quickly past that particular tweet.

        I didn’t think it would be possible to get more sick of KP than I was at the height of Flowergate, but with every new tweet of his I see, I’m being proved wrong.

      2. Sorry, but he is one of the few who doesn’t include a link to elsewhere in every tweet and he provides ample source material.

        One we omitted this week – because it wasn’t funny – really summed up his thinking perfectly.

        “WI Cricket should get Gayle, Viv, Bravo, Curtley, Courtney in a room together & get them working together to build a better set up!”

        If you’re short of brainpower, that’s a brilliant solution because you’ve heard of all of those people and they’re popular.

        The fact that Phil Simmons has been sacked partly as a result of his criticism of Courtney Walsh as a selector seems to have passed KP by.

      3. His fault not yours. At least J. Neesham’s in there. ‘Looking forward’ to Michael Vaughan’s City T20-related tweets next time around.


    1. I really liked the pictures and the headlines, Sam. Iron Bell looks like some aussie popstar twat in #4. Did you know that Somerset won the competition a little after that bowl-out took place?

      Surprising KP managed so many runs batting that far out of his crease and taking such a leggy guard, btw.

    2. So in response to being admonished for an irrelevant comment, you ignored the explicit instruction to remark upon Tino Best’s attire and instead basically spammed us.

      Why is the URL for ten things, by the way? Did one of the things cease to be a thing?

      1. It was originally ten things. The editor took one out and couldn’t change the URL.

        This is what he left out:

        “In the dramatic 1993 final, the Bears chased an unlikely 322 to beat Sussex by five wickets. But they should have been awarded the match by losing fewer wickets, because the umpires pulled the stumps before the winning run was completed.”

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