London Tigers tour to Bangladesh – joke needed

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London Tigers are sending a team to tour Bangladesh at the same time as the World Cup. London Tigers help underprivileged youths, so we’re having a hard time coming up with a joke for today’s post. Maybe something about them being better than England? Is there something in that?

You’re always on shaky ground with worthy causes. Press releases are better when they’re shoddily written kack about cars or excruciatingly ill-informed drivel about YouTube.

London Tigers operate in Westminster, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Tower Hamlets and Redbridge. Can we do a joke about never having heard of any of those places, or is that disrespectful?

Take a look at this picture:

Don't tell anyone, but we quite genuinely hadn't heard of Redbridge - is that bad? Is it bigger than Heald Green?

Could you pretend you hadn’t heard of Tower Hamlets or Redbridge for comedic effect after looking at that picture?

Could you? How do you think they’d feel about that?


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. r u sure these r london tigers, and not dhaka tigers? which explains why they might hv come up with fictional places?

  2. 2 issues:

    1. The MAN at the back with the curly hair ain’t no kid.
    2. The guy on the right in the blue tracksuit doesn’t look underpriviledged to me. If anything, he looks over priviliged in the food department.

  3. Shrewd move, getting their players in place in case another England bowler pulls up with a gammy leg, or Matt Prior catches his beard on a low hanging tree branch.

  4. The kid at the back in the long sleeve compression garment must be good. Its a well known fact that when you see someone wearing that gear at park cricket level, they mean business.

    I think Matt Prior is going for the ‘designer stubble’ look more so than an actual ‘beard’. Either way, it looks pretty ordinary.

  5. Writing jokes about writing jokes about cricket, this blog has acsended to the next level.

  6. Oh, I meant to ask if anyone knows who the ginger girl in the back row with a hairy upper lip is.

  7. Redbridge is a large roundabout where the M11 finally gives up and dies. It is near Chigwell (*), Ilford and Wanstead. Key transportation features include the North Circular, the Eastern Avenue, and a tube station on the Central Line (Grange Hill branch). It is technically in Greater London, but spiritually it is in Essex (see below). It gets its name from the vast red box-girder bridge built by the Romans that stretched to the moon and back, but which was dismantled in 1974. Redbridge has a long tradition of being the birthplace of a captain of the England cricket team and some other people – Raymond Baxter off Tomorrow’s World, Noel Edmonds, Nasser Hussain, Richard Littlejohn and Paul Ince were all born there. There is a pub called The Cricketers in Woodford Green, which is only a stone’s throw away as the crow flies. There are also some pubs in Redbridge that you almost certainly wouldn’t want to visit (see next sentence). Its character is entirely summed up by the fact that Richard Littlejohn was born there and the fact that it is on the way to Dagenham.

    (*) Not Chigley, which is closer to Camberwick Green.

  8. So Redbridge is a suburb of Chennai then, judging by the Nasser Hussain fact.

    Facetiousness aside, London Tigers should be playing on the whole England-captain-grew-up-there thing a bit more than they are doing.

  9. Born, lived in from when they were seven, it’s all the same thing really. But well done anyway for spotting the only factual inaccuracy in the entire thing.

  10. We like our facts wholly misleading, Bert.

    This one smacked of having an element of truth.

  11. Bert’s comments are way more interesting than the article, as usual.

    This is not meant to insult KC. Neither is it meant to compliment Bert.

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