Tim Southee suffers THE RAGE

Tim Southee channels THE RAGEFor some reason New Zealand demoted Tim Southee from number nine to number ten in their second innings. Southee was clearly irked by this and promptly hit New Zealand’s fastest-ever Test fifty in a magnificent display powered by THE RAGE.

England’s fielders thought they were being clever when Southee came to the crease, hinting that there were all sorts of problems with his batting and pointing out how little confidence his team mates had in him. Unfortunately, this only further bolstered THE RAGE.

England should have known better than to pay attention to New Zealand’s batting order. This is a Test side that sports openers who average 24 and 22 and a number eight who’s been averaging more than 40 over the last five years. In hitting 77 not out off 40 balls with nine sixes, Southee’s probably just booked himself the number ten slot for life. If it ain’t broke, say the Kiwi selectors.

Southee’s innings is only New Zealand’s fastest for the first 50, incidentally. When Nathan Astle went mental that time, he went from 100 to 150 in 22 balls and because he then had his eye in, from 150 to 200 in a further 17 balls.

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12 Appeals

  1. Joint fifth on the “most sixes in a test innings” list, too, with one more than that wannabe Adam Gilchrist ever managed.


  2. i had a text message from him before the innings started. it read “RAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!”

  3. Actually, looking at Simon’s link there, he has the highest ever percentage of runs from 6’s in test history.

    Of those with a proper start that is… I’m sure there are many guys who hit a 6 and nothing else…

  4. Hopefully every single one of Gilly’s records can be beaten. Soon. Preferably not all against England.

  5. Speaking of innings that comprise a six and nothing else, my favourite example is by Robin Marlar. He was sent in as a nightwatchman against Surrey in one match. He didn’t want to be a nightwatchman, and was out stumped second ball for six.

  6. King Cricket

    March 26, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Top knock. There’s a man who ploughed his own furrow.

  7. That match where Astle scored 222 was exactly the same as this match just gone.


  8. “…he has the highest ever percentage of runs from 6’s in test history.”

    Yep; if you restrict it to innings of 50+, it’s the highest by quite a margin (70%ish compared to the next-best’s 59%). It’s also the second-highest strike rate ever for a Test 50 or above, losing out to Jacques Kallis, of all people. What a weird list that one is.

    (This is getting a bit sad now, isn’t it…)

  9. You got Excel fired up too did you? ho hum…

  10. I really like this kid. Could someone please chaperone him on his nights out drinking with the team?

  11. Given that he’s from the land of sheep and Orcs (but not kiwi fruit), would he be a Southee softee?

    I’ll get me coat…

  12. Mahinda, get your coat and hang your head in shame.

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