Was this the greatest ever one-day series decider?

And is ‘number of wicketkeepers in squad’ the key metric when predicting the likelihood of success nowadays? Sod net practice, let’s get everyone squatting down with Bruce French for hours at a time.

Who’s got a spare room? We’re starting to think we should invite New Zealand to move in. We don’t want to overcommit too soon or anything, but things have been going so well between us recently, it seems like a logical move.

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25 Appeals

  1. And can we have more Tests against them please? I’ve got a sneaking feeling that they might be financially viable.

    • Playing at their current whack, how many overs would we even need for a full-on Test match between NZ and England? Three days worth would provide enough twists and turns, I should think.

    • Well that’s the thing – both Tests, despite being played in an exciting interesting way, lasted 5 days. What the hell’s not to like?

    • I think if we (the “we not including I type of we”) played more Tests against NZ then there’d be less 5 day tests, but it does show how closely matched the sides were.

  2. Does King Cricket have ankylosing spondylitis?


    …but King Cricket’s back.

    Good to hear your e-voice again, KC. I, for one, have missed you.

  3. I miss Ian Bell.

  4. English cricket should definitely be changing its relationship status on Facebook to, at minimum, it’s complicated and be considering inviting it to meet all its friends- India and Australia in the next couple of weeks. It’s the least New Zealand deserve.

  5. Surely the little fella that looks like Ron Weasley is Ron Weasley right hand bat, googlies

  6. It’s okay, ladies and gentlemen: Australia aren’t going to cross the line in the series, even though both sides are going to headbutt it.


    • Good to see the Aussies using their heads at last, with respect to “the line”, albeit the outside of the head rather than the brains.

      Although, given that the empty-headed comments were made at Merchant Taylors’ School, perhaps Michael Clarke should be given lines. But not six of the best…not in this day and age.

    • He actually said ‘it’s the Australian way.’
      Epic wankers.

    • I want to unleash John McEnroe on Clarke:

      “Define the line… THE LINE JERK!!!”

  7. Mustafizur Rahman, who is playing for Bangladesh vs India at the moment (looks like a series the mighty Banglas are going to win, too) has placed himself firmly in the camp of “people whose career figures are only going to get worse from here”.

    First ODI was his debut, took 5/50. This is his second match and he’s nabbed 6/43. Only goes downhill from this point on. Portents not looking too good, only Zim’s Brian Vitori had previously taken a fivefer in his first two ODIs and look where that’s gone and got him.

    • Thanks for the link, Thes. I can’t say I’ve ever thought much of that film, if I’m honest. It was a poorly scripted, poorly acted, formulaic 80s teen movie that never properly HOLY CHRIST SHE’S TAKING HER SKIRT OFF! WOOOOOOO BABY!

  8. Considering it was between two teams that just had their arses handed to them in Australia, I’d say no.

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