Which struggling England Test batsman is currently of most interest to people?

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We’re not interested in anyone’s actual opinion, but we are interested in who people have opinions about.

If we were a mainstream media outlet, we’d bill this as being ‘Twitter’s verdict’ as if Twitter’s a single person with a single opinion and a single voice.

What we will instead say is here’s a flawed poll representing the views of a small selection of people who were using Twitter at the exact moment when we tweeted our survey, some of whom have voted multiple times.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I think it an excellent poll, far less flawed than many polls I have seen.

    I especially like the honesty regarding its own futility contained within in the question. That aspect alone makes the poll less flawed than most.

    Do other people agree with me?
    A) Yes.
    B) No.
    C) There’s no point in answering this question either.

    1. He is indeed leading after a somewhat surprising early surge in favour of Compton.

      Taylor was never in with a shout. Great news for him.


    That’s an even more interesting shock than the Nepal-NZ upset and puts Namibia in the quarter-finals.

    Two other things I particularly like: the Namibian batsman who walked during the chase despite being given not-out (which pushed his team to 50/4, not an ideal time to decide to be honest during a tense chase) and the fact it was umpired by 49 year old Enamul Haque (who Cricinfo have conveniently filed under “ICC Under-19 World Cup / Players / Enamul Haque”), one of the ex-Bangladesh SLAs back in the days them seemed able to field an entire team of SLAs.

    1. We were really, REALLY freaked out by Enamul Haque being a 49-year-old umpire, but we now realise we were thinking of Enamul Haque junior. Time isn’t passing quite that quickly just yet.

      1. To be fair the clue was in the “Jr” but it would help if the “Big Daddy” Haque was “E.H. Senior” wouldn’t it? Then again I would be peeved off if I had to change my name just because some young whippersnapper happened to have copied mine.

  3. Apparently my pink blob has been replaced by a bald lady shouting into a microphone. I apologise to any fans of the pink blob. I’m sure it’s been given a lovely spot in the Avatar Care Home, with a view.

    1. At least that means you used a proper email address you so can change your gravatar. Maybe I shouldn’t have used a fake one. Blue Christmas tree forever for me, I guess.

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