Dwayne Bravo – does anyone not like him?

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Let’s have a quick show of hands. There can’t be many people who don’t like Dwayne Bravo.

When West Indies beat India on Friday, Bravo took 4-38 and then spanked 66 off 36 balls and most people will have been pretty pleased that he was the player making the difference. We’ve identified three main reasons for Bravo’s appeal.

  1. The name It’s not a great name in the same way that Lendl Simmons is a great name. It’s still good though, particularly when it appeared on the same team sheet as Tino Best.
  2. The off-drive When people talk about playing across the line, they usually mean an ugly heave to the legside. Dwayne Bravo plays a ludicrous inside-out drive into the offside, playing across the line of the ball. That he makes contact at all is a small miracle. That his body can make the awkward movement look so smooth is a larger miracle.
  3. Enthusiasm In a side featuring Chris Gayle’s studied indifference and Fidel Edwards’ send-offs, Dwayne Bravo’s unselfconscious yelping, face-pulling and jumping about is hugely endearing. He doesn’t care if he looks undignified. He really, really doesn’t care. Never before has a tendency to fall over quite a lot been such a winning attribute.


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  1. I have a dreadful feeling that I might not like him by the end of this evening.

  2. Whilst we all adore dear Dwayne, KC’s description seems to indicate an ‘unselfconscious’ crush on Dwayne Bravo.

    I think thats the third time in a week you’ve used the word – and I’m going to be writing it in my office reports soon! A KC invention?

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