James Anderson and swing bowling

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James Anderson has enough fun to last him until 2011

We’ve heard some odd things during this Test match, all of which revolve around the fact that the Duke cricket ball swings more than the Kookaburra used in Australia. Apparently This year’s Dukes swing more than the ones used last year as well.

The implication is that James Anderson’s blistering swing bowling is somehow irrelavant or worthless.


This is entirely missing the point. The point is that James Anderson took 6-17 in a Test match after taking 5-54 in the first innings. That is a thing in its own right. That is a monumental thing and it was entertainment of the highest order as well.

We’ve got a light, hoppy, summer beer in front of us right now. It’s great. We’re not sitting here worrying whether there’ll be a malty, dark winter ale on sale in Bargain Booze in November.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. how do they make the dukes of swing ball? surely the aussies could invent a boomerang? too much red wine to fid rhe caps key

  2. I wouldn’t call knocking over this Pakistan batting line-up a monumental thing. On recent evidence even the Bangladeshi’s could claim to have the better batting.

  3. Husky – Crap batting line-up or not, it’s nice to see bowlers doing well once in a while.

  4. Here, here. I cannot abide all this bloody nay-saying about Anderson only taking wickets in swinging conditions.

    Do people really think that the England selectors are unaware that he won’t be as effective in Australia as he is in England?

    It doesn’t mean his really very effective bowling in England has any less value.

  5. Anyone with a brain takes into account the quality of the batsmen being dismissed. Would it be a monumental thing if he knocked over the local school XI?

    He did a good job worthy of praise but at least keep it in perspective.

  6. Couldn’t agree more KC. What bowler in history has ever got 11 plus wickets in conditions that weren’t favourable to their style of bowling? I’ve never heard anyone say “That Jim Laker was crap, he got his 19 wickets on a turner and some of the batsmen not only weren’t very good, but played bad shots”

  7. Surely the interesting thing in the run up to the Ashes is that the Aussie bowlers were so much less effective against the same gash batting line up.

    Yes, it is English conditions and an English ball, surely that is only a smidgeon of the point.

    I like those dark malty winter ales. What’s the matter with you, KC?

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