Rikki Clarke joins Derbyshire as captain

Rikki Clarke - oh yes it isIn the county cricket club fashion stakes, Derbyshire languish somewhere near the bottom. Whenever anyone needs to depict the mundane, life’s-going-on-elsewhere nature of early-season County Championship matches, they always pick on Derbyshire.

That’s unfair in much the same way as ‘it rains in Manchester’ jibes are. The whole bloody island’s wet. And as far as playing at Derby in May’s concerned, all early-season County Championship matches are as maudlin as off-season Sundays in Redcar.

It’s like comparing The Cheeky Girls’ respective appearances. Consider the bigger picture. They’re both incredibly close together; way, way down near the bottom of the hierarchy, in the section marked ‘faces like busted frogs’.

Anyway, we’re still slightly surprised that Rikki Clarke‘s leaving Surrey for Derbyshire. If there were a trendy county – and there isn’t – it’d be Surrey (or maybe Hampshire) and as we said, Derbyshire are, er, not cool.

Rikki’s going to be captain though. He doubtless thinks it’ll help his England chances in the same way that it helped Rob Key’s. Eh? Oh.

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  1. i hear like northwich victoria, the cheeky girls are declaring themselves bankrupt… is this the end?

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