Derbyshire and Yorkshire promoted

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Lancashire go down and their two neighbouring counties go up. So it goes.

We haven’t been following division two, so we don’t really know how this has happened. Judging by the table and Jason Gillespie’s Twitter updates, Yorkshire have mostly been rained off and picking up points for draws. They are unbeaten though, which is something.

Derbyshire though? How the hell have Derbyshire been promoted?

People struggle to name Derbyshire’s players and that doesn’t seem likely to change because theirs seems to have been a real team success. We hate team success, but only because we hate ‘working together’.

We also hate ‘pulling in the same direction’. Don’t tell us which way to pull. We’ll pull whichever way we want to pull. Maybe we won’t pull at all. Maybe we’ll push.

Ideally, we’ll just stand there, staring into space.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. It’s nice to see one of the sides that’s always written off as perpetually useless make it back into Div 1. I bet the powers that be would rather have Lancashire up there rather than one of the poor, unfashionable sides that’s always getting threatened with oblivion.

    Props to Karl Krikken. Awesome name. Promotion for a Lancastrian coach, so there’s some crumbs for you.

  2. Division two was won by the team that won the most games – six. Yorkshire were also promoted – the only team in division two to win five games – all the un-promoted teams won fewer than five. The promoted teams lost fewer matches than any of the other teams. This all seems fair enough to me.

    In any case, in my experience, Bakewell tart and Yorkshire pudding are a darn sight easier to source than throdkin. Lancashire folk might like to think on that shortcoming at their leisure over the winter.

  3. After last year’s perfect storm for the Yorkshire supporter in London Exile (Yorkshire relegated, Lancashire champions, both London counties in the other division), this season is the perfect anti-storm, or perfect fine day, or imperfect fine day or something with the old enemy going down, Yorkshire going up and the London teams staying put.
    I think you are a bit harsh on the Tykes saying they have got promotion by “picking up point for draws though”. Only Derbyshire and Warwickshire in either division have won more games. They have won all the games which weren’t rained off, which is about as much as you can ask.

    1. We said they were unbeaten and they have also drawn a hell of a lot of games due to bad weather. That’s not being harsh. That’s being accurate.

    2. But wouldn’t you say they got promotion by the wins, not the draws? They have more wins than anyone else in the division except …. Derbyshire.

  4. So it goes? SO IT GOES?

    Do not go gently into that goodnight.
    Rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.

    There has to be someone we can call to be sacked. Anyone, it doesn’t really matter. Jim Cumbes, maybe, that seems to be what Chief Executives are there for. Or Brian Statham – what’s he done for the club recently, eh?

    But it’s important to be honest with analysis, otherwise you just risk repeating the mistakes. On that basis, I think the blame mainly lies with ALL OTHER SPORTS this year. To have had a repeat of last season cricket-wise, in the same summer with the magnificent Olympics and the Tour de France and the SuperLeague (Wigan looking good again) and Murray in the tennis and the footballers losing embarassingly at the Euros, that would have been too much good at one go. Something had to give, and it was the cricket that gave.

    So in reality, Jessica Ennis is entirely to blame for this. Bloody Yorkshire.

    1. We thought you meant the year 2020.

      Assuming you don’t, maybe a seven? We do quite like the Twenty20 World Cup. It’s short, punchy and unpredictable.

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