Virender Sehwag hits fastest 300

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Virender Sehwag has now hit the fastest Test triple hundred. He was always likely to achieve it, which is perhaps the biggest compliment of all. A freak innings like Nathan Astle’s is one thing, but Sehwag does this kind of thing consistently. At the close of play Virender Sehwag was 309 not out and he’d scored those runs off just 292 balls, hitting 41 fours and five sixes.

Sehwag’s hit 309 before, against Pakistan. It took him 375 balls. That shouldn’t be bettered, but it just was. Sehwag can also boast the second and seventh fastest Test double hundreds of all time (assuming this one still counts as the third fastest now that he’s gone past 300).

As we said earlier, no batsman other than Virender Sehwag can sustain this speed of scoring for such long periods. He has a unique ability to strike good balls for boundaries without offering chances. Can anyone else play such outrageous shots without seeming in any danger?

He’s only the third batsman to score two triple hundreds after Don Bradman and Brian Lara. Has he got any adrenaline left for tomorrow? Lara’s 400 will surely come under threat if he has. Ordinarily 91 runs is a long way, but Sehwag has so comprehensively shredded this South African team they’re liable to go foetal when they see him return to the crease. He’s made Rahul Dravid look like a tail-ender.

Virender Sehwag must surely be regarded as one of the greats now. Yes?


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  1. If you see King’s previous post Straight point, he says just that!”

    I like this, old fruit.. A respectful image caption, for an astonishing achievement.

  2. He’s so awesome. I am so looking forward to watching the highlights as I haven’t watched any of this [YET] but I am particularly pleased that he’s wearing my favourite of all his bandanas, the one that makes his head look like a cricket ball.

  3. Sehwag is called “The Butcher of Najafgarh” in some quarters. Sounds demonic like “Vlad the Impaler”, although a Romanian friend once assured me that Vlad was actually a fairly nice guy when he wasn’t impaling.

    I prefer to think of Sehwag as more refined than a butcher — perhaps a gourmand cannibal. Today, he had some South Africans for lunch with some Chianti, gracious host that he is.

  4. As much as I despise you I have a Wisden Cricket annual from 1986 for you. I have no idea why or how. I know you will not want it but you will take it with a fake smile and there will be a second of silence and awkwardness before we move on. But there you go. Prick.

    Of course I know that cannot be so. I will never see your eyes twinkle in the low eveninfg sun again. I know we cannot meet. I will leave it in the usual place. Tell her I hate her.

    Oh, I do have that book for you though.

  5. Perhaps not Chris Gayle also has a triple hundred but that doesnt make him great. The 309 of 292 balls is pudding compared to the ultimate destroyer of all time that is Brian Lara. For those who werent born before 1994 lara scored 501* against Durham in a first class match of only 427 balls!!! From 200-300 he took 52 balls, 300-400 – 72 balls, 400-501 only 77 balls hitting 62 fours and 10 sixes. Why bother about scoring fast over long periods when you could score even faster like lara in short periods. Lara also made the most runs in a day 390. Test cricket is first class cricket one day cricket and 20/20 is not first class cricket.

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