Are there no Australians in London?

Do you think barbecues should be gas powered, even though they really, really shouldn’t be? Does losing at sport make you want to drink to excess? Does winning at sport make you want to drink to excess? Do you own a vest?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you’re doubtless an Australian, in which case you’re needed.

Our fellow cricket nerd, Jrod, is after some players for a charity match. Don’t worry about missing Neighbours and Home and Away – we’re miles behind over here, so you already know what happens.

Come on. Dig out a pair of white baggy shorts and a corked batting helmet and represent your nation.

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5 Appeals

  1. I’m glad you added the barbecue as the first of those statements, i’d be worrying i was an aussie otherwise

  2. I can’t be an Aussie, I don’t even know what’s a vest is? Like a singlet?

  3. Steve is bang on. American’s call them wifebeaters. They’re undergarments in blighty, don’t you know.

  4. If you are worried about Neighbours, then you’ll be sussed out as a pommy mole…

  5. Changed language again, KC?

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