Australia fail on a flat pitch

Virender Sehwag conceals his balls from Brett LeeFor years most Australian Test wickets have been flatter than a pancake ironed by an anal retentive with the world’s most accurate spirit level. Aussie batsmen have filled their boots knowing they had the bowlers to win a match on any surface.

Last year, at Adelaide, there were two innings of over 500, but then some fat-wristed, blonde warlock did something typically outlandish and Australia emerged with a spectacular win.

This year, at Adelaide, there were two innings of over 500, but this time the Aussies only had some middle-aged guy whose only sign of magic is a tongue with a mind of its own and a desire to escape the confines of its mouthy prison cell. Weirdly, this didn’t do much good and India made 269-7 and the match was drawn.

Australia have rarely drawn matches without weather interference in their stint at the top of the tree. With that in mind, it also notable that India kept them down to just 3.11 runs an over in their first and only innings.

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10 Appeals

  1. Ah the tongue.

    I think we’ve seen the last of Brad Hogg in the baggy freen/whites of Australia.

    So I only have to avoid watching their ODI’s. to escape my long running fear of the freak tongued postman..

  2. indians truly managed to reveal the cracks of aussie team…to the world i.e. now teams can no that this team can be put in pressure consistently…that they also wilt under sustained pressure…

    for the first time we saw them going through motions helplessly…there was no body language…no aggression…i have not seen so many catches…sorry dollies going down from them in years than in this series only…

    now only other team take clue and re-group…

    the stage is set….

  3. KC, you’re not trying to get us excited about the Ashes are you? I remember your “no, really, we can win” posts before the last Ashes. I remember Monty and Afridi.

    You’re not going to do that to us again, are you? Please no.

  4. King Cricket

    January 28, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    The other day, Monty revealed to us that they were actually referring to the NEXT Ashes when they made that prediction.

  5. Cats, eh!! If only they understood the gregorian calendar. We could have all gone to bed last dec-jan.

    Then after we win this year, it’ll be ticker tape parades around the whole country, and CBE’s for the boys!

  6. How are Monty and Afridi? We haven’t heard anything from them in ages.

  7. Monty struggled a bit against Sri Lanka, but Afridi was happily smashing the ball to all parts against Zimbab-

    -oh, the cats.

  8. I really really dislike flat pitches.

  9. King Cricket

    January 28, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    Miriam, furred indifference abounds.

  10. Phew. Because if anything were wrong with them, they’d go to a farm to play with other cats, right? Right?



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