Australia’s wicketkeepers for the 2013 Ashes

Brad Haddin is literally scared of his own shadow

Brad Haddin has primarily been brought back as child minder, but he does average 45 in Ashes Tests and he does look like an Australian wicketkeeper, which is more important than you might think.

There’s a chance that Matthew Wade might play as a batsman, so it’s safe to assume that as a keeper, he can bat, even if being one of Australia’s best six batsmen isn’t quite the accolade it once was. Quite frankly, Australia’s top six batsmen are probably the same as six years ago – it’s just that most of them happen to have become ineligible for selection through retirement.

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  1. Whatever happened to Graham Manou? He could do a job. If the job you wanted doing was having two vowels at the end of your surname.

  2. There seems to be an opinion that Philip Hughes is a handy wicketkeeper (no pun intended)

    • He certainly bats like a wicket-keeper, one of those ones that can’t bat.

      But perhaps this is the solution to the “Why is Phil Hughes an international cricketer?” question. Maybe in an inderdepartmental brainstorming and group therapy session some while back, the Australian team management identified a “What-if” scenario that got them worried. What if, they said, the keeper on the pitch was carried away by a seagull to a magical island from which there is no return? Sure we could use a sub fielder, but who would take the gloves? In these circumstances, and no other, Phil Hughes continued selection makes some sense.

  3. It really is quite extraordinary.

    The main subject of the photograph looks like Brad Haddin, while the shadow looks like the shadow of Rob Key.

    KC, you are the Storm Thorgerson of cricket website imagery.

  4. Most of the time my boss treats me as if I’m the Kamran Akmal (wk) of the office.

    While I’m not exactly Adam Gilchrist or Matt Prior, sheesh.

    I suppose it’s better than being Sreesanth.

  5. We just moved to a new office and the TV is tuned to Sky Sports Ashes. It is right in my eyeline. I have also recently been given a promotion of sorts with more workload and responsibility, requiring me to concentrate.

    What is going to happen? There’s only one way to find out.

    • Don’t tell us, Sam.

      More responsibility, more workload, more concentration needed, but…same money.

      You’ve been had.

    • Yep. Bastards. I could have turned it down, though. Damn this giant ego.

    • Well Ged seems like one of those big shot corporate guys who have private jets. I say he hire us all! Would you have any use for me, Mr. Ladd?

    • You are very welcome to join the ever-increasing queue for an internship, Deep Cower.

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