Carlisle Best is Tino Best’s uncle

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We’re not quite sure why we never put two and two together before, but it turns out that Tino Best is Carlisle Best’s nephew.

Now, why is this significant? Well, there’s a good chance you know about Tino Best. We have a regular feature in the Twitter round-up we do for Cricinfo called ‘Tino Best’s Modesty Corner’ because he generally makes at least one outlandish boast a week. He’s magic.

Carlisle Best might be less familiar to you. If you’ve checked Cricinfo, you’ll know that his first scoring shot in Test cricket was a six, but that’s not why he love him. There is one simple reason why we love Carlisle Best. He used to commentate on his own batting.

This gave rise to our favourite cricket quote of all time:

“You can’t bowl there to Carlisle Best” – Carlisle Best.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. One of our other favourite quotes:

      “The TV, the music, the fashion – it all goes to make up Rio Ferdinand” – Rio Ferdinand

  1. Carlisle Best stories are…

    …the Best.

    I first learned of his quirk through Lawrence Booth’s late lamented Spin column in the Grauniad. (Neither Lawrence’s Guardian replacement nor his own new column in The Mail reach the dizzy heights of those early Naughties Spin columns).

    Here’s the Carlisle Best story in all it’s glory, under the bub-heading Cow Corner:


    1. I agree about the Spin. Booth made it, and it’s been on a gentle downhill trajectory ever since, despite his successors’ best efforts. And didn’t Rob Smyth even write it once? Enough said.

    2. When I read early noughties OBOs, it terrifies me that Lawrence Booth is now the editor of Wisden.

    3. I loved that. More batsmen should provide their own commentary. Probably put the idiot sledgers off their game too; never have liked that sort of thing.

    4. daneel – a truly legendary obo, yes. not least because I was quoted in it. good, that was a long time ago.

  2. Quick question KC, as a man of taste and quality, does the word ‘vow’ as used by the media annoy you? ‘Strauss has vowed to press on as England captain’ says the Telegraph today. Everyone is vowing these days… Whats wrong with ‘promise’ – vow implies something rather stronger/darker…

    Rant over.

    1. It hadn’t particularly bothered us, but we know precisely what you mean.

      We’ll add it to the list.

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