Tino Best’s training video – the best bit

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Tino Best has made a video of himself training in the gym. You can watch it all if you want, but for those who can’t be bothered, this is the best bit.

“This is cake!”

Shortly after that, Tino goes into ‘animal mode’ and then ‘super animal mode.’ We are taking this as confirmation of our belief that Tino is a character from a video game.

Not sure what ‘animal mode’ or ‘super animal mode’ entail. They seem to revolve around continuing to do what you were already doing in much the same way.

Engage super animal mode!


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  1. Meanwhile here is today’s King Cricket pulse vote.

    Is Ian Chappell the worst cricket commentator anywhere ever:

    a) unquestionably so;
    b) without a doubt;
    c) all of the above, and more?

    Vote now.

    1. Really Ged? I always thought he’s one of the few around that actually have a semblance of originality.

    2. We like that never really sounds that interested. He usually just sounds a bit tired and bored and perhaps faintly irritated.

      Not much going for him beyond that, but plenty of other contenders for worst commentator, surely?

    3. Nobody raises my ire like Botham, maybe because it hurts to much to see a hero of my youth revealed as a bigoted cretin. On the bright side, past form suggests that they might both be up for a kind of geriatric Celebrity Death Match, if such a thing could be arranged.

    4. The Botham and Chappelli death match has been done, Smudge…

      …or rather has been ongoing for about 35 years:


      It was hearing Chappell making repeated “unreconstructed male” jokes about women cricketers worrying (or not worrying) about their age that really got my goat today.

      The other day Chappell went on and on (and on) about an umpire warning a slip fielder for moving before the shot had been played. “You might as well not have fielders if they can’t anticipate…” he kept saying.

      But the Chappell Botham death match/feud is seriously good value.

      Good (albeit inadvertent) point, Smudge.

    5. The point was entirely advertent (if such a word still exists) Ged, although my allusion to the story you referenced may have been a little too obtuse.

    6. Apologies, Smudge, it had been a long day and I must have had the blinkers on by that hour.

      Still, the result is a useful link for those who had not read that feud story before and a super new word for the English language, “advertent”.

  2. “Worst” is such a strong word, Ged. Awful, annoying, desperately awful, shite, violence-inducing, all of these maybe. But “worst”? Surely there are at least 27 other candidates for that title. I mean, take Geoffrey Boycott. No really, take Geoffrey Boycott. Off the air. Now. And then there’s Colvile, and Knight, and Shastri.

    Chappelli is a housefly in the kitchen compared to these mosquitos in the bedroom.

    1. Have you seen the actual pulse vote questions, Bert? They don’t “do” nuance.

      My comment was part spleen vent at Chappell, part parody of the pulse vote regime.

      Apologies for not making my satirical intentions 100% clear from the start.

      And here is today’s King Cricket pulse vote question:

      Who is the best comment maker on the King Cricket website 2012:

      a) Ged;

      b) Ged Ladd;

      c) KingCricket24?

  3. Chappelli aint as bad as some

    N avjot “RoadrageMurder” Sidhu

    then a massive distance

    followed by the over enthusiastic super spruikers like Tony “mail order bride” Greig,  Danny “DLF maximus” Morrison, Pommie Mbangwa, 

    Ranjit Fernando for just not having a clue

    Nick Knight

    Ravi “cash for comments” Shastri
    Laxman Sivaramarishnan

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