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Tino Best’s training video – the best bit

Tino Best has made a video of himself training in the gym. You can watch it all if you want, but for those who can’t be bothered, this is the best bit.

“This is cake!”

Shortly after that, Tino goes into ‘animal mode’ and then ‘super animal mode.’ We are taking this as confirmation of our belief that Tino is a character from a video game.

Not sure what ‘animal mode’ or ‘super animal mode’ entail. They seem to revolve around continuing to do what you were already doing in much the same way.

Engage super animal mode!

Highest Test score by a number 11 batsman – Tino Best

It turns out Tino Best HAS got a pair

It’s very difficult to be both arrogant and likeable, but Tino Best manages it. It’s something to do with having just the faintest awareness of how absurd you are – and make no mistake, Tino best is ludicrous. He’s like a cartoon character. His answer phone message proclaims him the fastest bowler on the planet.

There’s something poetic about Best making the highest Test score by a number 11 batsman against England, because he is best known in this country for being goaded into throwing away his wicket by Andrew Flintoff’s famous “watch the windows, Tino” comment from the slips. Tino couldn’t get himself out yesterday though. He flailed his fair share of aerial drives, but didn’t get out until he was one shot away from a hundred. Number 11! One shot from a hundred!

Long last wicket partnerships are entertaining, then annoying, then wearying, then hilarious, then hilariously joyful. Does anyone not agree that they show cricket at its best? Character and luck, with unlikely heroes triumphing against the odds. We’d go so far as to say this was the purest example of why we love the sport.

You just don’t get this kind of thing in other sports (or indeed in other formats) because it’s rare that someone is being asked to do something for which they are wholly ill-equipped. Tino Best is an international cricketer, but he is not an international batsman. We basically got the opportunity to watch a rank amateur face elite athletes and succeed.

That’s too ludicrous for Hollywood. Fortunately for us, nothing is too ludicrous for Tino la Bertram Best.

Carlisle Best is Tino Best’s uncle

We’re not quite sure why we never put two and two together before, but it turns out that Tino Best is Carlisle Best’s nephew.

Now, why is this significant? Well, there’s a good chance you know about Tino Best. We have a regular feature in the Twitter round-up we do for Cricinfo called ‘Tino Best’s Modesty Corner’ because he generally makes at least one outlandish boast a week. He’s magic.

Carlisle Best might be less familiar to you. If you’ve checked Cricinfo, you’ll know that his first scoring shot in Test cricket was a six, but that’s not why he love him. There is one simple reason why we love Carlisle Best. He used to commentate on his own batting.

This gave rise to our favourite cricket quote of all time:

“You can’t bowl there to Carlisle Best” – Carlisle Best.

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